Rui Barreras will be the new Ambassador of Colombia to the United Kingdom

Rui Barreras will be Colombia’s new ambassador to the UK, W Radio revealed on Tuesday afternoon. Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva confirmed his appointment to Semana. On his Twitter account, Barreras wrote: “Get your distance…and broaden the perspective…serve with the same enthusiasm from anywhere…return…”. Those close to the politician, such as María Antonia Pardo, a former communications advisor for President Petro’s campaign, interpreted the message as a farewell and wished him a speedy return: “Rest and also think about your health. I imagine the family will be very happy because you will have the space to get away from so much stress and focus on Healing. You will be sorely missed here, so don’t be late to come back.”

This appointment, one of the most important and famous of Colombia’s diplomats, comes hours after Barreras’ last official announcement as President of the Senate, this Tuesday morning in the Congress of the Republic. There, Barreras made it clear that he would not be a candidate for mayor of Bogota and confirmed that at the moment he does not aspire to be a government minister. “They were not offered to me, and I do not aspire to be offered to me. I am ready to serve the country after I recover,” said the former senator, who will have to leave Congress on Thursday due to a State Council decision that canceled his election due to double militancy.

Barreras also appreciated the calls by businessmen and citizens to run for mayor of Bogotá, but emphasized that his academic and political aptitude is dedicated to “advocating causes of peace at the national level.” “Thank you, but I’m not improvising, I’m not irresponsible,” concluded the politician, who now leads the peace force.

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Barreras took advantage of his last speech as president of Congress to say goodbye and ask the parties not to oppose President Petro’s reforms: “The opposition is a bit bolder, believing that the elections will take place in 15 days. I invite you not to cross like a dead mule on the reforms that the Colombian people need.” Barreras was a key man for approval in Congress of many reforms proposed by the government, such as taxes, the Complete Peace Act, and the National Development Plan.

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