RTVE has reduced the cost of its news programming by 28% since 2015

Radio Televisión Española invests less and less resources in its news. In 2020, 151 million euros were allocated In this service, 8.5% lower than the previous year and 27.6% lower than 2015according to him Report on compliance with public service obligations by the Spanish Radio and Television Corporation and its financing Prepared by the National Committee for Markets and Competition.

Although the cost has varied significantly in this period, the public institution has increased the number of hours of broadcasting news content, transiently. From 32.8% to 39.1% of the total network.

RTVE’s commitment to entertainment shows an inverse evolution in terms of news. Fewer minutes of this type are broadcastAnd the It went from 34.5% in 2015 to 30.6% but the cost has increased since that year by 15.5%. sure, RTVE broadcasts more and more media but is cheaper, less entertaining, but more expensive.

This formula does not seem to have an effect, if declining audiences have been observed in recent years. In television, public radio and television channels acquired in 2020 15.4% of Comparter; That is roughly half of what is in Mediaset and Atresmedia. La 1 recorded an audience share of 9.4%, a number that repeated the annual historical minimum. On the other hand, Radio Nacional de España also suffered a severe setback that year, which led to the expansion of listener teams with respect to La SER, COPE and Onda Cero, even Put between the chords the minimum barrier of one million listeners.

Every Spaniard pays 2.6 euros for Masterchef in 2020

Masterchef is again the entertainment space that generates the most radio and television costs. Between 2018 and 2020, it increased by 14.4% to 17 million euros; which is equivalent to a The cost per inhabitant is 2.6 €. It is followed by Operación Triunfo with 12 million; fisherman with 8 million; and masters in sewing, in the amount of 4 million.

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Shine Iberia, producer of Masterchef or Masters of Sewing, is one of the Got higher contract volume than RTVE (10% of the total) and the largest in the entertainment category for these programs. However, the independent production company that got the most income from contracts with the company was Grupo Ganga, thanks to the fictional production of Cuéntame Como Pasó. I took this company 13.3% of RTVE’s budget Reserved for independent production.

The report of the National Center for Statistics also reveals that Every Spaniard pays €1.65 per month for RTVE – which equates to roughly €20 per year –. A much lower number than other European countries pay, by law rather than through general state budgets. In Germany, each inhabitant pays 220 euros for public radio and television; In the UK the BBC fee is £159 per year; In France 138 euros and in Italy 90 euros from RAI.

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