RPG Cris Tales is updated with a new playable character, a new ending and more content

This Colombian-style game has captivated audiences with original animations and unusual combat mechanics.

crystals Rise up like one of those kids indie surprises In 2021, “Columbine of Dreams Uncorporated” caught the attention RPG lovers With a game that blends beautiful animations and differential combat systems, but the studio is far from giving up on a title that manages to stand out so much. So, they fired update Expands your gaming experience with new features like New character and revamped Colosseum.

Adri will specialize in attacks using turrets and other mechanical objectsIf you played this version, it may sound familiar to you I know, which helps the player in a certain stage of the adventure. Now this strange inventor joins the Crisbell team and becomes a playable character thanks to her knowledge Mechanics and robotics, which will give us the opportunity to explore new strategies. As expected, Adri will be able to combine his skills with Crespel Temporary Powers To attack enemies with towers never seen before in the game.

And the update brings more surprises for players, because with the arrival of Adri we will also be able to explore Dungeon novel With exclusive enemies we will have the opportunity to discover Unprecedented ending. In continuation to the latter, the team at Dreams Uncorporated has added a movie trailer to complement this new ending, so we can expect more animated scenes in its signature style.

Added to all this, the Cris tales too Restores his Colosseum And it opens up the opportunity for users to test their strategies in different battles, something that comes from the pearl to blend the powers of Crisbell’s time with the techniques of the rest of the characters. Finally, a development study ensures that Bug fix In all versions of the game, although one is particularly distinguished Reduce download times en Nintendo Switch.

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In this way, Cris Tales focuses on Improving the user experience Solve some of its most important problems and add the most interesting content. All this is clear without loss artistic style Which caught the attention of a good handful of players. Of course, we already tell you in our website Cris Tales تحليل Analysis That the game shines for many reasons, but it could have been a tribute more stronger to JRPGs.

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