Royal support? Elizabeth II will help Prince Andrew push the abuse suit

Prince Andrew managed to reach an economic agreement with Virginia Goffer To stop the judicial proceedings against him being authorized in the United States, accusing him of sexual assault.

As revealed in court documents presented in court by the defense of the son of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Judge Louis A. stop right away The trial is because the defendant and plaintiff have reached an agreement.

UK headlines from 16 February 2022. EFE / A. It rains

Although the amount of the said agreement was not disclosed, the newspaper “The Telegraph” published this Wednesday that it amounts to 14 million euros, which is about 330 million Mexican pesos which must be covered within 30 days. In fact, the most remarkable thing was that the queen herself would help pay this amount for her son.

According to what was spreading, negotiations between Prince Andrew and Virginia lasted about ten days, after the Duke of York’s legal team changed strategy to Avoid at all costs his client seemed to witness Under oath in a US court on March 10.

The agreement reached indicates that a portion of that money will be handed over to Geoffrey personally The other will go straight to A charity Founded by herself to help victims of sexual assault.

“It’s a great day. Virginia was excited when we informed her of the terms. Everything happened in the last few days and it was very fast (…) With this, the case is over. You will be paid within 30 days,” Virginia’s attorney David Boies said.

It should be noted that Prince Andrew tried to persuade the judge to dismiss Virginia’s complaint, relying on a confidentiality agreement she signed with Jeffrey Epstein more than a decade ago, in which she promised Don’t report it again Neither he nor anyone else was involved in the abuse cases.

However, the judge Denied rejection of the complaint And I proceeded with the case, so Prince Andrew’s only two options were to go to trial or settle the matter out of court.

Following Judge Louis A. Kaplan’s decision, Queen Elizabeth II withdrew her favorite son’s military titles, royal patronage and the dignity of His Royal Highness, assuring that Prince Andrew would face said trial as a Ordinary citizenHowever, the millionaire amount that the Duke of York would have to pay would take a portion of the King’s own savings.



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