Rovell on his vaccination: “I am still practicing medicine”

Ral Rovell He is one of 30,000 people from Mendoza who have already received the Coronavirus vaccine and the only mayor to do so. But he justified his immunization by “I keep practicing medicineHe added, “This time I went to the hospital permanently.

In fact, Rufeil, who is a doctor and mayor, works at Perrupato de San Martín Hospital. “My specialty is a pediatric surgeon. I work as many times as required by Perupato Hospital. “I am in the front rows, working,” he explained.

Likewise, Rovell said, “San Martin was the only municipality that purchased reagents to implementisopados and I made it myself“.

Ral Rovell.

Returning to vaccination, he confirmed, “I entered the main door with the rest of the health workers, and the same nurses who were there took pictures of me. I have no problems, nothing to hide. Colleagues were there. “

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“Here all San Martin residents testify that I am not residing and I continue to work actively in the health segmentRovell, who will be 61 years old and suffers from diabetes, continued: “I am waiting to call me to put the second dose.”

In San Martin, the first dose of the 5th Sputnik vaccine was also introduced. Daniel LaferLike Rovell, he’s also a physician.

Daniel Lafer (right).

A former board member of PJ who collaborates with Orozco, on the pollinator list

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