Rousseff, the key to Brazil’s Massa in China | His appointment at the helm of the BRICS Bank opens up new scenarios

Special Envoy to Shanghai

China’s economy minister’s tour, Sergio Massa – which considers participation as a heavy political component Extreme Kirchner– It has two very important parameters. Firstlyand the search for Xi Jinping’s government to double Argentina’s free access funds under the yuan swap. the secondwhich through the political support of Brazil New Development Bank (NDB)BRICS Bank, is another type of financing for the country, in full search of dollars and import agreements in local currencies.

in this context , The appointment of the Brazilian Dilma Rousseff at the helm of the National Bank of Dubai just over a month ago opens up new scenarios. The bank, set up by India, China, Brazil, Russia and South Africa in 2014, will have its president sit on Thursday with Minister Massa, agenda organizers confirmed to Page 12. One of the possibilities on the table is the debate, which would be in Argentina’s interest, over an article of the National Development Bank’s regulation (No. 7) that today only allows BRICS member countries to access credits that are part of the emergency fund for countries in crisis. the currency. Although the state is not the only one interested in exposing the article, national officials want to be fully involved in this debate.

The gesture of Rousseff’s appointment is also a political shift in Brazil’s behavior towards Argentina. The former Brazilian president replaced Marcos Trujo, who was appointed to this position by the government of Jair Bolsonaro. The situation with Brazil, however, remains special, because as progress has been made with the BRICS countries, bilateral trade between the two countries is not denominated in local currencies. It was promised that the Minister of Economy in Lula’s government, Fernando Haddad, would introduce tariffs on the possibility of paying for Brazilian exports to Argentina with financing from Brazilian banks, but for now This scenario remains undetermined.

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Energy is another focus

Wednesday will be the day when meetings of Argentine officials will begin, with a focus on energy. Massa’s idea is that by the end of the year, the balance of dollars will be contributed in equal parts to agriculture and energy. To this end, the government’s management “in record time” stands out for the Nestor Kirchner gas pipeline, which takes gas from Vaca Muerta. Agustín Gerez, president of Enarsa, the company directly involved in the work, is on the payroll for the trip to China.

In this context, Massa’s meeting schedule and responsibilities are broader and include the following points. Meeting with authorities from China Gezhouba Group Corporation (CGGC), which will focus on the ongoing Santa Cruz River Dams project. Today he will conduct a business meeting with representatives of Power China, which as a common base will have a set of projects related to the country’s energy development.

In addition, the Minister will hold a meeting with the authorities of CET – State Grid Company, where the goal of expanding the electric power transmission system will be touched upon. On Wednesday, Massa will continue the agenda with a business meeting with authorities from Tibet Summit Resources. On the table, various initiatives to promote investment in lithium mining development and extraction will be deployed.

Later, the minister will lay out his day with a full agenda of meetings: with authorities from Ganfeng Lithium and Tsingshan Holding Group. In both meetings, issues related to encouraging investments in the various governorates related to mining development will be discussed.

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