Rosario joins ‘Earth Hour’ with lights out

On Saturday, Argentine companies join Earth Hour An initiative celebrated worldwide to reduce the consumption of public road screens.

east March 26, between 8:30 PM – 9:30 PMevent with Raising awareness and stimulating rational use of energy.

On this occasion, different Companies will reduce the energy use of their LED displays on public roads To inspire energy saving.

The initiative, called a “Brand on the Planet,” brings together Andrómaco, Aveno, Buquebus, Claro, Dermaglós, Flybondi, Fundación Vivienda Digna, JVC, Hipoglós, LÓreal, Movistar, Puma, Renault and Tuenti, among others.

“We wanted to bring to the table a thought about the impact we can have with less impact on the environment,” emphasized Hoy Buenos Aires, the creative agency that thought about the idea and implemented the procedure.

According to the agency, “A brand on the planet shows that design can also be a tool that helps us be more sustainable.”

For his part, Ramiro Castillo Marin, CEO of Havas Argentina Media Agency, added that “caring for the environment is one of the most important aspects for brands and ourselves.”

“This initiative has allowed us to unite between clients, media and other partners, as well as the media and creative agencies of the Havas Group. We work together as a large team and we work with the same purpose.”

Earth Hour 2022 aims to Ending “Old Normal” Seizing the opportunity to restore the connection with the natural world and create a future in which people and nature thrive together.

The global initiative taking place in more than 190 countries and territoriesIt is implemented by the WWF (World Conservation Organization) and organized in the country by Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina since 2009.

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Move in Rosario

Within the framework of the global campaign to defend the environment “Earth Hour” on Saturday, March 26th, From 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., the lights of the Propylaeum Monument to the Flag and the facade of the Palace of the Lions will be switched off With the aim of raising awareness against climate change and defending nature to protect the health of the planet and people.

“The city is making progress under the Rosario Climate Action Plan 2030,” they assured the municipality. Through this tool The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 22% by 2030.”

between the Public policy Which are implemented, highlights: replacement of LED lights throughout the city, energy planning and management of municipal public buildings, among other actions. This aims to promote the use of renewable energy and raise awareness about the consumption of electricity, and to raise awareness about its responsible use.

It should be noted that in 2021, Rosario received the highest rating on the list of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the international organization that operates the Global Environmental Information Disclosure System, being among the 95 cities leading in action to combat climate change.

Similarly, the municipality has undertaken international commitments such as the Mexico City or Global Climate Compact (2010), the Latin American Municipal Declaration on Climate Change (2015), the UN Global Compact with the support of UNDP (2015), and has committed to the Mayors’ Charter for Climate and Energy (2018).

Recommendations for the responsible use of energy in the home

use the Air conditioning at 24°CIt’s the perfect temperature to be at home. Each degree of difference represents 8% energy savings.

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Limit the use of air conditioner Only for environments that require it.

keep them Well enclosed spaces So the environment remains fresh. It is recommended to use blinds, blinds, awnings and cornices so that the sun’s rays do not fall directly on the house.

Open the refrigerator as soon as possible. Think in advance which product will be checked out, this works for both stores and at home. Optimizing storage so that the cold is distributed correctly. Then be sure to leave it tightly closed. Make sure the door stoppers are in good condition.

Keep the lights on only when necessary. Turn off the light when leaving the room or in empty rooms. Replace household lights with LED lights. This will use 4 to 5 times less electricity.

Turn off and unplug electrical appliances (phone chargers, PC, tablets, etc.) that are not used. When they are plugged in they continue to consume energy. Avoid leaving devices in “standby” mode.

When buying electrical appliances, make sure they are from High efficiency and low energy consumption. Always choose appliances with an energy efficiency rating of Class A or higher.

when using the washing machine, Prioritize short wash cycles and economy programmes. Saving water also saves energy. Until the water reaches the faucet, it also consumes energy in order to capture, process, transport and permanently dispose of it.

Take advantage of cool and refreshing nights Open the windows and update the different spaces of the daily transport.

the plants It reduces the environment temperature and regulates the humidity. One way to maintain a comfortable temperature is to place plants on the patio or balcony; In addition, it produces luxury and is another way to decorate the house inside and out.

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