Romero lives in a bubble for two years, with tests every two days

Christian Romero was one of four players from the UK to enter Brazil To play a knockout match against the home team. A game that made history in everything that was experienced since the sixth minute on the field, and this led to the suspension of the confrontation between the two teams.

The Argentine coach, Lionel Scaloni, has sparked the displeasure of the four players from the English Premier League. Among them is Romero “Cuti” where it stands out On the agent, Cerro Palermo, speak into microphones

“I honestly didn’t expect it to happen like this. It sounded like a parody, something surreal: seeing people who aren’t part of either team come into the field threatening to deport 4 players is a first for me.. I’ve never seen anything like this before. The reasons are questionable. The road was wrong at the time, because they could have done it even before the match. Apparently Romero’s agent commented.

he added: “The Brazilian government did not care about FIFA’s opinion and decided that they should be quarantined for 14 days. Sorry it looked like a theater and everyone watched it. I don’t know what will happen, but I don’t think they will face penalties: they were able to leave safely to return to Argentina on the same afternoon that the match was suspended.

possible punishment

It is not yet known whether the four players (Aimee Martinez, Buendia, Lo Celso and Romero) will be punished for entering Brazil without being quarantined. “I don’t know anything about it, but the situation was known, Argentina asked CONMEBOL and FIFA for information, which allowed the players to enjoy playing. Ciro Palermo explained that there is a different protocol for elite athletes, not only in football but also in other sports, which stipulates that there is no quarantine in case of travel to play international competitions.

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Christian Romero arrived at Tottenham last summer from Atalanta, although their last two years have done so. ‘He lived in a bubble, with tests being done every two days’ And even without it “To be able to go to a restaurant to a restaurant out of respect for their work and the rest”, despite being vaccinated against Covid-19.

There could also be a fine from Tottenham to Romero and Lo Celso. “I don’t know if they can be punished: they are players, and I’m not saying that there should be a preferential attitude towards them About a situation we have all been in for the past two years, but there is a different protocol,” he said of the possible punishment for the English team, although he believes he will understand the situation and not punish his representative or Lo Celso.

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