Rodriguez Larita travels to the United States, Europe and China to boost his image as a presidential candidate on the global agenda.

Horacio Rodriguez Laretta, Prime Minister of Buenos Aires

Horacio Rodríguez Laretta will implement a foreign policy agenda that includes the United States, Europe and China. The Head of Government of Buenos Aires considers it necessary to deepen diplomatic relations with centers of world power And he’s already drawing an official tour in stages That will start if deaths and injuries from the second wave of COVID-19 decrease.

Rodriguez Larita seeks to present a discourse linked to a multilateral strategyAdvocating for knowledge and commitment to the Paris Treaty on Climate Change and The need to place Argentina in a geopolitical position away from populism in Latin America.

in this context, The Prime Minister’s tour includes Washington, New York, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Shanghai and Beijing. Organizing the trip is in the hands of Fernando StravasiSecretary General and International Relations of the city. Straface knows what it is: he studied at Harvard, was a consultant to the World Bank and worked for the United Nations.

The official visit planned by Rodriguez Laretta has two political goals. The opposition leader intends to draw a line with Alberto Fernandez and his foreign policy, and at the same time, Explain your perspective on the current global agenda and the post-pandemic world.

Horacio Rodriguez Laretta and Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris
Horacio Rodriguez Laretta and Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

in Washington and New York, The prime minister seeks to close an agenda with the Foreign Ministry, think tanks – think tanks – universities, bankers and investors who are still betting on Argentina. In these power and influence scenarios, Rodriguez Laretta will explain that the Todos Front government should have condemned the dictatorship in Nicaragua It will endorse its political decision to pursue the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

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Rodriguez Larita dreams of reaching the presidency, His trips to Washington, D.C. and New York are his first step as an opposition candidate on the global agenda. He will arrive in the United States as head of government, but his institutional activities will have the primary objective of describing his final foreign policy and criticizing the diplomatic actions ordered by Alberto Fernandez and carried out by Foreign Minister Felipe Sulla.

If you can crown the Washington and New York tour, The opposition leader intends to make a lightning trip to Madrid, Paris and Berlin. Rodriguez Laretta wants to meet Isabel Diaz Ayuso – President of the Community of Madrid– s Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris. The head of government meets Hidalgo and seeks an official meeting with Díaz Ayuso, who has confronted the Palacio de la Moncloa for its restrictive measures on trading in the face of the progress of COVID-19.

In simple terms, During a possible European raid, Rodriguez Laretta will emphasize climate change, the need for a healthy and sustainable economy, The feasibility of the Mercosur agreement, the European Union and cooperation between Latin America and Europe To quickly get out of the social and health crisis caused by the epidemic.

Fernando Stravas, Secretary General of the Government of Buenos Aires, speaking via Zoom with Zhou Xiaoli, Chinese Ambassador to Argentina
Fernando Stravas, Secretary General of the Government of Buenos Aires, speaking via Zoom with Zhou Xiaoli, Chinese Ambassador to Argentina

In the first half of 2022, if COVID-19 allows, Rodriguez Larita travels to Beijing and Shanghai. The city of Buenos Aires has a flexible diplomatic relationship with China through university education, The Buenos Aires government already publishes information about tourism and culture on the WeChat and Weibo platforms.

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As it will happen with your travels to the United States and the three European capitals, Rodriguez Larita will present to the Chinese Communist Party nomenclature his view of the world and the miserable economy that the pandemic will leave behind. The prime minister already knows that Beijing has a global strategy that is advancing thanks to financial resources and a lot of political patience.

We will not ask for anything. No vaccines, no bridges. We will tell you what we will do in the city and what we will do if we come to Casa Rosada. And nothing else,” a city government member explained with evidence of disapproval.

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