Rodrigo Pacheco and Natalia Fantini, good for Mexico in the Tennis World Cup

Yucatecan’s contribution to the Mexican teams was valuable yesterday, at the start of the Junior Tennis World Cup, which brings together the Davis Junior and Billie Jean King Cups, on an intense and passionate day at the Country Club.

Playing in Davis Cup form, through teams and in singles and doubles, the best advocates from Canada, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Mexico will compete for tickets to the 16- and 14-year-old World Championships in both branches. Three days. In men from the age of 16, Rodrigo Pacheco Mendes raised his right hand in his match against El Salvador, while in women, Natalia Fantini, a Yucatecan actress, scored two victories in her battle against Chapinas.

Similar to the opening of the Yucatan World Cup, the symbolic youth tennis tournament in Latin America, the teenage event was opened with the presence of their respective teams, banners and banners, marking the official return of competitive tennis at that time. Pandemic, without fans due to Covid protocols on the clay stadiums of Campestre, players, coaches and visiting managers have praised the facilities.

The 16-year-old Mexican teams beat El Salvador and Costa Rica, and at 14, the tri-color team beat the Dominican Republic 3-0, but the men’s team lost to Canada 2-1.

Mexico’s victory in Davis was not contested by El Salvador: Santiago Padilla opened the Cote 6-4 6-3 at Cesar Cruz, followed by Rodrigo Pacheco against Enrique Lenix 6-2 6-1, and in the doubles Sebastian. Medica Sandoval and Santiago Padilla played 6-2, 6-1.

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In the Billie Jean King Junior League, Mexico also beat Guatemala 3-0. Yucatican actress Natalia Fantini beat Anika Lemos 6-1 by double, Karen Verduzco awarded Deborah Dominguez 6-4 7-5, while in doubles, Natalia approached Isabella Lechuga for Anika and Maria Paula Ramos, 6-4, 6-3.

At 14, Always Ladies, the three colors settled in the Dominican Republic 3-0, Leah Fernandez defeated 6-2, 6-0 over Analhe Guerrero, Natalia Perez 6-2, 6-0 against Eliana Felix, and in doubles, Leah and Natalia passed 6- 0, 6-0 against Miranda Bush and Analhi Guerrero.

In 14 men, Canada beat Mexico 2-1.

Today, in Davis, Mexico will clash with Costa Rica and Canada against El Salvador, and in Billie Jean King, Mexico with El Salvador and Canada against Guatemala.

The opening

With the official protocols against the virus, the opening allowed the teams to gather at the “Lorenzo Molina Casares” stadium. Carlos Sainz Castillo, Director of the Yucatan Athletic Institute, announced the opening of the competition, accompanied by Alejandro Rose Castro, Mayor of Mérida; Oscar Juanes Roussel, Deputy Director for Quality in Sports, Konadi; Carlos Gonzalez Lopez de Lara, President of the Mexican Tennis Federation; Arturo Millet Molina, president of the country club, is among the authorities and other guests.

The sporting oath was performed by Rodrigo Pacheco in Spanish and Duncan Chan from Canada in English, and Captain Lester Diaz from Guatemala and Seven Tamburero from Canada took the microphone for their teammates. Gaspar Silvera Malaver

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