Rockstar acquired batteries with the development of GTA 6 and publishes more than 200 job offers

The company is increasing its number of employees with positions that cover all kinds of positions in game development.

We are so excited to play GTA VI that any failure rock star It is seen as possible evidence For what will be the new numbered installment of the franchise. Unfortunately, it seems that they are still missing several months Until the studio reveals a complete picture of the game but we now know that the company Abandon scenarios like Red Dead Online for Prioritize development From the following Grand Theft Auto.

Rockstar has already confirmed that it is focusing on GTA 6This is illustrated with Latest vacancies In Rockstar, who wants to expand his team More than 220 jobs. These cover all types of tasks in the development process, so we can find job opportunities that focus on programming, graphic design, coordination, and marketing, to name a few.

Photo courtesy of Grand Theft Auto VI

As expected, not only should these performances correspond to positions within GTA VI, but Rockstar’s interest in adding several members to his team could hint at his intention to A step on the accelerator in its development. Moreover, the long list of job vacancies, which will be distributed to the new additions at various sites of Rockstar, also includes jobs related to Online eventswhich makes us think about the future developments of GTA Online.

And what do we know about the GTA VI experience? Well, a little. For now, developers We promise to exceed our expectations With a delivery that, according to the leak, I’m going to dispense with one of GTA V’s most unique mechanics. We’ll keep waiting for Rockstar to share more info about their much-anticipated game, and until then, we’ll keep rating everyone Challenges for GTA IV to conquer the greatest legends of the epic.

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