Roberto Funes Ugarte is leaving C5N after 13 years and telling what his near future will be

After more than 13 years working for the aforementioned news signal, the famous enough journalist said, and decided to leave C5N, to join A24, where he will appear next Monday at 3:00 PM as the brand new host of The Afternoon. Together, by Mariana Kontartesi.

Let’s remember that until a few weeks ago, Roberto Funes Ugarte was still on the air on the aforementioned news channel, while exchanging his time with his other jobs: as host Who Knows More About Argentina (Public TV, Mon) until Friday 7:00 pm ) and TAXIFE, part of the interviews aboard a taxi dialed on the phone screen.

Similarly, on their social networks it was possible to read: “Five days no more, five days we have arrived. A new era, new people, new life.” Finally in the last hours of Thursday, February 17, the driver confirmed his entry to the Grupo América news station, and also announced that he would continue to other media where he is currently working.

It is worth noting that the journalist began his career in the media in 1998 as a dancer for the popular TV show Movete. And in 2009 he ended his arrival at C5N, where he started as a fashion columnist and ended up leading various prime-time courses.

In this sense, according to entertainment journalist Nacho Rodriguez, the A24 enticed Funes with offers for various courses of signal and even his own show.

Meanwhile, when he said goodbye to the latest show he hosted on C5N, Sobredosis de TV, he confirmed that he “has completed the course and would like to host a daily newscast.” “The show has lost its sense of humor and I don’t want to do it anymore. It’s cycle over, I’m getting very political and I’m not avoiding it. But I think people are tired of politics, it seems to me that they need a little in the mood and when I brought it out I didn’t care anymore”, he finished the explanation.

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