Robbery in Canada: Yamil Peralta stripped of victory over Ryan Rosicky in scandal

The double Olympic champion, the Argentine, and the South American and Latin American was the victim of an embarrassingly divided ruling against him against a domestic knockout for the WBC International Cruiserweight title, in a world qualifying duel that he dominated from start to finish, in Sydney, Nova Scotia, in the main battle of the evening live Live on TyC Sports and TyC Sports Play. Even the local admitted defeat.

Yamil Peralta – Ryan Rosicky – Round 9


Yamil Peralta - Ryan Rosicky - Round 9

Burglary in Canada. The word is harsh, but no other description does more justice. That justice that after the fight, was evident by its absence. Victim: Yamil Peralta. Argentine, South American and Latin cruiser champion, double Olympic Peralta, was damaged by a Canadian knockout Ryan Rosickythe product of such a controversial and undeserved decision, which was declared the domestic winner on points, in a scandalously divided decision, after twelve rounds, and who subsequently won the World Boxing Council (WBC) International Cruiserweight title, which was vacant, in a World Qualifier duel that was The main event of the evening held Saturday night at Center 200 Stadium in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, was broadcast live on TyC Sports s TyC Sports Play in your cycle first class boxing.

In a fundamental challenge to both, Peralta (now 13-1, 6 KOs), Olympic in London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016, currently 10th in the WBC cruiserweight rankings, dominates Rosicky (15-1, 14 KOs), No. 9 of the same ranking and WBC Bridge competitor previous worldHe was denied what should have been a great and indisputable victory. protected in His greatest technical streak, fast movements and great difference in accuracy, the Olympian has obvious advantages. From the medium and long range, he combined bouts of left punches and right hand crossed to the face, which ended up flaming. Besides a change of air at the end of the fifth round, Rosicky’s front never found it. Very advanced, the Canadian is advanced but practically did not throw. And when he did, his arrests found nowhere. With constant footwork and a quick counterattack, Peralta increased his dominance. even in On the ninth, he moved it with a series of crosses and up from his fists to the chin. Al-Kindi, frustrated and troubled, incurs constant offenses. Sometimes, it was a boxing lesson. however, At ten, local referee Hubert Earl deducted a point from the Argentine, as a result of the alleged flogging, when it was his opponent who made the fouls.. It was very noticeable.

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After the last bell, the Buenos Aires native celebrated. On the contrary, homeowner crestfallen surrendered to his corner. They both know who the winner should be.

It took a long time for the cards to be announced. It was for something. Upon reading, it became clear. The three justices, all Canadian – and all from Nova Scotia – decreed the inexplicable: Wayne Gray 97-93 (Extraordinary) and Robert McAvoy 95-94, both for Rosicky, while Craig Smith 95-94 for Peralta.

Even Rosicky conceded Peralta’s victory

Yamil Peralta – Ryan Rosicky – Referee


Yamil Peralta - Ryan Rosicky - Referee

Immediately after the failure, Rosicky raised his hand to Peralta above the ring, noting that the victory corresponded to the Buenos Aires native. As soon as he got off the ring, Al-Kindi repeated it when he approved it to the press in his statements.

Peralta was the winner of tonight’s fight. Rosicky admitted to the media that he must have been the rightful winner. He even repeated the phrase constantly, confirming his opinion.

Yamil Peralta’s word, quit

“I thank the people of Sydney for their hospitality and love. Also to Mario Margosian for taking this fight, and to Ryan for fighting it on equal terms and saying I won the fight. I also think I won the fight. I should wear my belt.”Double Olympic male.

The robbery of Yamil Peralta

Yamil Peralta – Ryan Rosicky – First round


Yamil Peralta - Ryan Rosicky - First round

Boxing from the outside, Peralta set the entry distance with his pointed left head kick. Turning sideways, his steadfast cross flocked to the jaws of a local who could not find it. In front of Ruzeki who stepped forward and exhausted, outside in a second The Buenos Aires native repeated his left stabbing followed by the cross of his right hand on the cheek. Before the Canadian mistakes in the third and fourth stages, the double Olympian continued to combine his two shots with straight and full crosses to the face, causing inflammation in the bones of his right cheek.

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Yamil Peralta – Ryan Rosicky – Round Two


Yamil Peralta - Ryan Rosicky - Round Two

Only in fifth, Rosicky took advantage of the loss from the Buenos Aires player and hit with his right hand on the cheek. With a losing domestic lead in sixth place, they were able to impact the player’s upper region in Buenos Aires with fewer displacements. On the seventh, mobility returned to Peraltaa short distance They exchanged crosses on the face, but the greater accuracy of the visitor benefited.

Yamil Peralta – Ryan Rosicky – Round 7


Yamil Peralta - Ryan Rosicky - Round 7

In the eighth part of the best Olympic double reappears. With side shifts, he found angles to wind the long, straight, and right cross-leg punches on the face. As the erratic domestic knockout progresses without meeting him, Peralta planted himself in the ninth, combined his powerful right and left crosses and climbed to the chin, stopping him in his tracks..

Yamil Peralta – Ryan Rosicky – Round 9


Yamil Peralta - Ryan Rosicky - Round 9

On the tenth day, Rosicky ran over him hard. Out of ideas, strike illegal strikes. however, Referee Earl unusually deducted a point from the Buenos Aires citizen. He bowed his head, the local advanced and miss everything he threw. Peralta, in turn, was impressed, went out, and kept adding, until the last bell.

After that, their respective faces said it all. Peralta celebrated and Rosicky, Kristfallen, arrived with a surrender to his corner. The silence on the field witnessed what should have been a victory for the visit. But the judges took it upon themselves to corrupt it. An embarrassing decision. scandal.

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at the age of thirty, Peralta, whose weight was 197.2 lbs – 89,448 kg. –what or what This came from last January 15 to control Mariano Godinho with a unanimous decision in defense of his Argentine and Latin crowns WBC Cruz., unfairly resigns undefeated. While Rozicki (197.8 lb – 89.720 kg -.)remote After he battled for the World Senior Championship title on the WBC Bridge, losing to Colombian Oscar Rivas on points on October 22from March 19 to lead Mexican German Garcia by technical knockout in the second round, takes the belt he knows he has not won.

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