Riot Operator Explains Why Yuumi is Important to League of Legends and Shares New Information About Her Controversial Reincarnation – League of Legends

Although there are 162 heroes available in league of legendsOver the past few months, it has been one of the events that has captured the community’s attention. Joke about exclusion Yumi It was ‘Mail’ Most Voted Video Game of the Year in Reddit. There were also large polls in which over 42.5% of players said that if they could delete a character from the game, it would be Magical Cat. even in Riot Games He mocked the situation in his Christmas card, recalling the widespread hatred for this heroine. However, despite the prevailing joke, The players are really angry With the developers after announcing the next rework.

Although the developer has announced a major update for the character in the near future, They will make the changes without removing the mechanic that the community hates. This has been officially announced by Riot Games, who remain firm in their intention that Yumi can be attached to allies for extended periods of time. A controversial decision, which, moreover, is not fully explained properly in it Company’s official blog. According to Riot Games, the goal of the champion was to get players to learn to play League of Legends. The phrase sounded, given the peculiarities of the character, paradoxical.

A Riot Games employee explains Yuumi’s true purpose

If there is one thing that has always saved Riot Games, it is communication with players, and although this time not through official channels, the same developer who posted the blog on the League of Legends page wanted to add more information. It comes to Tim “The Truexy” Jiangwho used Your TikTok account to share a video available exclusively in English where he rehabilitates many of his words. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that he hasn’t changed his mind and Yumi’s rework will continue to preserve his ability to bond with allies.

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There is still no confirmed date for Yumi’s recast

The first thing Tim did is Clarification of Yuumi’s role in League of Legends. It’s a very strange role, because it’s this kind of tutorial that removes the barrier to entry for new players. Quoting as literally as possible, that’s what the Riot Games employee thought.

“Yuumi doesn’t make you a better player in League of Legends. It doesn’t teach you how to move or get minions. There are many things you don’t learn with her. What we see in Yuumi and want to keep him goes beyond that. There are people who have never played a MOBA or have never They touched League of Legends; but he wants to play with a friend. All its mechanics are playing with a friend (…) What Yuumi does is turn your classmate into a kind of tour guide: “You’ll teach me things little by little. If I like it, maybe I’ll keep playing Yuumi.” If I really like it, maybe I’ll try out other roles or characters and end up playing League of Legends. That’s what we want to keep with reworks.”

simplified, Yuumi is a tutorial in the form of a hero. This is a great mascot that came to League of Legends so that you can tell your mates that although it is difficult to learn, there is a character with whom you can discover everything you need without suffering in every game. Of course, the developer also makes this situation clear.

Yuumi has very good things, but there are other things that are causing a lot of frustration right now. Picking Yuumi definitely shouldn’t be the best way to play League of Legends or win worlds. A champion shouldn’t be doing both at the same time. We haven’t finished either. Something so far (in terms of re-work), but this will be very difficult…”

Perhaps you should give the new look of the hero a chance. League of Legends developers have proven that they can without being perfect in all their jobs Balancing characters who were in very difficult situations. Trying with Yuumi is the least you need to ask him about before making a drastic decision like removing the most important character mechanic. After all, Deleting heroes hasn’t worked well in the past.

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