Ricky Martin was furious over the ‘controversy’ in the movie Lightyear

Ricky Martin pointed out The controversy caused by the movie “Lightyear”, which has been banned in some countries to show the kiss between two characters. Through some Instagram stories, the artist confirmed: “Those people who think that their children will become gay to see a ‘Bright Year’, put Einstein documentaries to see if their intelligence is consistent too which they did not acquire through genetics.

The Disney-Pixar Animated Movie– Focus on the fictional astronaut who inspired the creation of the iconic game who co-starred in the saga “Toy Story” – Not available in more than 10 countries For refusing a scene in which a kiss between two characters. These are countries like Kuwait, Indonesia, Egypt, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia, among others, where Homosexuality is a crime.

The Puerto Rican artist also fully participated in the United States Supreme Court’s decision to rescind The sentence “Roe v. Wade” has been protecting the right to abortion for nearly 50 years. Ironically, Ricky Martin expressed: “Crazy time zones. In Australia at 9 pm. In Rome at one o’clock in the morning. s In America in 1942 Where minorities and women are still dominated by older white men.”

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