Ricardo Cordero starts the season in Canada

Potosi driver Ricardo Cordero's first commitment of the year was made in Maple Leaf country, and the Pers-Neige Rally was a challenge for the GHR Motorsport team duo.

There were two days of grueling competition in unknown territory for Ricciardo and his co-driver Marco, where snow was the main challenge and the main goal was to stay in control as they faced off against big, experienced Canadian rally figures. In these types of circumstances.

The pace of the race was a coincidence for Cordero, but in a maneuver the Potosi driver's car skidded and ended up stuck in a snow bank, a situation that forced him to lose time.

“I'm excited to run in the snow again, it's very cold, but the experience is worth it. It was a very good competition to start the season, and in the end we came not for the result, but for the accumulation of knowledge. I'm satisfied with achieving 3 zero points and remaining able For competing on a new surface. I thank my team 399 Tactical / GHR Motorsport / Valladolid Servicios Financieros / MGR for all the support, dynamism and dedication they provided at the beginning of the season. It has been a journey of many kilometers and the effort of the whole team must be appreciated. Big things are coming this year and we will strive to achieve everything ” Cordero noted.

The work does not end for Ricardo Cordero. When he returns from his first commitment in Canada, he will pack his bags again and prepare himself physically and mentally to participate in the second edition of the Rally of Nations, which will be held in its place. From the WRC (Mexico Rally) which does not appear this year in its scoring calendar. This rally is already known by the man from Potosi and he will be aiming for victory where his GHR Motorsport team is based, and the big event will take place from February 23 to 25 in Guanajuato.

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