Reviving Hunter Biden investigations into his actions in Ukraine and Russia: Reviving Hunter Biden investigations into his actions in Ukraine and Russia | international

The Russian invasion of Ukraine revived the scandal Hunter Biden, the son of the President of the United States, has worked with foreign governments.

Recently, 14 Republican Congressmen He sent a letter to the White House and the US National Archives expressing concern about Hunter Biden’s dealings with foreign governments during the Obama administration when his father was vice president. Lawmakers are demanding records of Hunter’s communications with the White House.

in the message, They also question why the president’s son, who is not a government official, is included in the Russian sanctions for members of the Democratic Party.

In recent days, the Ministry of Justice opened an investigation into Hunter has multiple financial and commercial activities in countries such as Ukraine and Russia. Investigators are examining whether Hunter Biden and some of his associates Violation of the laws of money laundering, tax evasion and foreign lobbyas well as regulations relating to firearms.

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Dozens of witnesses have appeared before a jury assembled in Wilmington, Delaware, in recent months, and have been questioned about Payments received by Hunter Biden while serving on the board of directors of the Ukrainian natural gas company Burismaas well as other questions about how Biden has paid tax obligations in recent years.

Scandal of the Biden administration also questioned by the former president Donald Trump, who asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to hand over information on Hunter.

“I think now that Putin should be ready to give an answer, The Bidens should get the dirty business out of the familyNow that he’s not a fan of our country, Trump said, “because Ukraine won’t.”

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Hunter Biden denied any wrongdoing He said he hired tax advisors to file taxes.

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