Revelatory data that emerge from hospital care

he Access to health In Argentina it is conditioned by the economic and social realities of the patients, despite the fact that it is a universal right enjoyed by all persons within the territory. Consecutive increases in stakes Prepaid medical companiesThe presence of coinsurance and the lack of private clinic appointments are determinants and have a direct impact on access to various benefits, to the point that many choose to attend the public health system even though they have private coverage.

Among the parties to the economic and social crisis that our country is going through is a direct link in health, as there has been a movement between the public and private system due to the increase in contributions and the suspension of some benefits that were previously covered by social and prepaid works. Although they expressed from the Chamber of Private Medical Entities in Argentina that there were internal migrations between companies or changes in plans, they recorded an increase in demand from public influencers. Subsidiaries for the private system.

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