Return to Monkey Island: Ron Gilbert’s original diary predicted the reaction of the trolls

Back to Monkey Island

Just days before the release of Return to Monkey Island, Ron Gilbert announced that he would be closing comments on his web development memoir. Because of the sheer scale of personal attacks. The creator of the franchise claimed that the toxic response of some people forced him to stay away from contacting the public through this route: “I will not post more about the game. They have taken away the joy of participating in their development“, Wrote.

Criticisms towards the new version of the franchise are mostly related to aesthetic style It explains the launch, and it was one of the most discussed items when the first glimpse of the comeback 12 years later was published.

I will close the comments section. The public is just malicious and I should remove the personal attacks. It’s a great game and everyone who’s worked on it can be proud of it. “You can play it or you can’t, but don’t spoil the experience for anyone else,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert magazine about the game explained how – along with Dave Grossman – they decided to take a different kind of stylistic approach. The main goal was to update the franchise and To bring the experience closer to the new and old players.

We didn’t want to make a retro game. I didn’t want Return to Monkey Island to be just an old game, I wanted to keep pushing Monkey Island forward because it’s fun, fun and exciting. This is what Monkey Island games have always done, he explained in his blog originally created in 2004.

Back to Monkey Island
Back to Monkey Island

The creator’s posts have tried to shield the response of those people who tend to be more conservative about their favorite franchises, and even try to highlight that the change is related to highlighting a classic presence in a new era of gaming.

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“Back to Monkey Island may not be the art style you wanted or expected, but it’s the art style you wanted. Ironically, the people who don’t want me to make the game I want are some die-hard Monkey Island fans. And that saddens me about all the comments,” he described on his blog, which will not receive any further updates for the time being.

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