Retirement at 50: who can get it and how to apply for a pension

Early retirement is now available at the age of 50 | Photo: Andean Agency

Retirement at the age of 50 is possible in Peru. Since September 1, Law No. 31332 has entered into force, defining 50 years as minimum age, For both men and women affiliated with pension fund managers (France Press agency), to access a file Private Early Retirement Scheme (REJA)Which have requirements that each beneficiary must meet and here we will tell you about that.

edit in the new . will be allowed the retirement Advanced, but it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

1 m The minimum age when requesting a benefit is 50 years old compliments.

2. Retirement shall continue when a member over fifty years of age so decides, Provided you have received a pension equal to or greater than 40% of the average received wage and declared income over the last 120 monthsAnd Duly updated with gratuity discounted.

3. For the calculation of the aforementioned pension, voluntary contributions for pension purposes or without pension purposes that exceed 20% of the individual account to capitalize mandatory contributions with less than nine months remaining in Citizenship and Immigration Canada are not taken into account.

This should be explained Early retirement entitles you to recoup your recognition award two years after your foster care NS When a member reaches 65 years old, whichever comes first; Even when the funds in the subsidiary’s individual capitalization account have been previously depleted and with prior information from France Press agency Affiliates are eligible to access this system.

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types of retirement

It should be borne in mind that in this type of early retirement you can receive a pension, When withdrawing 95.5% of the total pension fund Or withdraw part of the fund and get retired with the remaining balance.

In the event that 95.5% of the pension fund is requested, The remaining 4.5% will remain to cover the health benefits Provided by the Social Security for Health (EsSalud).

Early retirement steps

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You should check your status with the AFP you belong to, to see if you are applying for early retirement, so that you can communicate on the following phone lines:

For AFP Habitat: Call 230-2200 (Lima) or 0801-14224 (Counties).

For Prima AFP: Call 615-7272 – Option 1 (Lima) or 0801-18010 (Counties).

For AFP Integra: Call 513-5050 (Lima) or 0800-40110 (Counties).

For Profuturo: Call 215-2828 (Lima) or 0800-11434 (Counties).

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After that, you can apply for early retirement virtually on your AFP website.

early retirement law

head CongressMaria del Carmen Alva Prieto, Passed in early August Signing the law lowering the minimum age to 50 years To access the Special Early Retirement Scheme (REJA) in the Special Retirement Scheme (SPP).

The initiative was approved by the previous parliament in the plenary session last July 2, and the executive authority did not respect it during the term of the law.

Alva Prieto declared: “After the legal term for the executive branch to declare itself and the absence of any remark, it is up to the legislature to issue it.”

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The speaker said that this signature, called the REJA Act, “sets the age of 50 to be able to retire early, a law that will benefit many citizens in this difficult situation.”

How to verify my data

Before stating the process to follow, you should keep in mind that in order to gain access, you must have been unemployed for 12 consecutive months or more. To confirm whether you are submitting an application to this system, you must contact the AFP where you will contribute to the validation of your case.

Members may receive a pension as long as the amount of their retirement is equal to or greater than 40% of the average wage received and reported income over the past 120 months.

To make your inquiry, you can do so online or by phone at AFP homeAnd beforeAnd Integra And Profutoro.

in every Peru These three options are enabled to access your funds:

Retirement pension.

Withdrawing 95.5% of the total fund.

– Withdraw part of the fund and pension with the remaining balance.

(With information from Agencia Andina)

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