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If you are tired of retirement, you might be interested in this offer that offers you some cash in exchange for a digital life similar to that of a teenager. Show these kids how it’s done and put something in your wallet.

Retirement for some is just the rest after a long working life. They deserve it and they know it, but it turns out that not everyone feels comfortable. Some miss the busiest times and are bored or go out of their way to save everyone’s apples.

They can feel useless or end up shutting down, which we don’t want to happen and doesn’t seem to do that either. They wondered If the life of a teenager is suitable for the elderly And for that, they hire them to do what their grandchildren will do.

Not talking about partying until late hours or making the bottle, It’s more digital. There are a number of tests that volunteers are asked to take and then provide feedback on.

These are the daily chores that retirees are asked to spend time with Some of the most popular apps Moment. They will be able to do it any time of the day so their lives won’t be interrupted that much either.

after making them, They have to express their opinion And rank the activities on a scale from 1 to 10. These are the things you should do every day:

  • Spend an hour a day watching TikTok. You should also create three posts per day.
  • Share your food photos on Instagram.
  • Watch an episode of Netflix. You will get a selection of the most popular titles so that you have multiple options.
  • Play a video game every day. For this, the company will give volunteers consoles and games like It is an electronic game.
  • Create a vlog (videoblog) where he tells each day what the experience looks like to him.
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For doing all this you will receive £500, which in return will be 588.50 € per month. You’ll also get the console and the games they give you, not to mention that a monthly subscription to Netflix will pay for it.

If you are bored from retirement and want to try something new, just go for it Fill out this form. The only downside is that you have to live in the UK, but if you are a retiree this is a perfect way to spend every day.

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