Results of a shocking count by the AFC in Europe to prevent “theft” of numbers: 302 young people are in position to be called up

On the initiative of Bernardo Romeocoordinator Youth teams (And former U-20 World Champion), the AFA has added a new Out-of-Country Border Attaché: International Scout Directorate. To do this, he established the said role Juan Martin Tassi. Target? Get first-hand information and communicate with football players (male and female) located in the selected team’s squad and residing abroad. In this first phase, the association focused on Europe, where it developed a population census that provided revealing data: There are 302 footballers born between 2001 and 2011 eligible to be called up. With the payroll already complete, and other than the fact that the 20th, 17th and 15th sub-technical bodies have already been noticed, “it will be possible to follow them closely personally,” according to the AFA post.

Tassi boasts a biography Master’s degree in high-performance sports, studied at Pablo de Olavide University (Seville), and a background as a physical trainer in Quilmes and San Lorenzo, As well as in the lower sections of the Estudiantes de La Plata. Many boys registered or emigrated early, seduced by the opportunity to make an early leap to Europe, or as children of exiles in 2001 or later years in search of better economic or employment opportunities, and exported Argentine talent.

According to statistics, 77% of the youth are scattered in the leagues of Spain (221) and Italy (48). But they have also been discovered in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Russia. Most of them have more than one nationality; So many of them have already been lured or cited to a European team. The example that has become important in recent weeks is an example Matthew KlimovichGrenadier’s remembered son. The Germans cited the former Córdoba Institute, which is in fact a 2000 class and merges the classes of Stuttgart.

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Another name noted in detail is noun Nicholas Melamed Ribaudo, Attacking midfielder for Espanyol de Barcelona. He is the grandson of Felipe Ribaoudo, the former Estudiantes de la Plata striker, with whom he won the legendary Intercontinental Cup final against Manchester United in 1968. However, he was already in the Spain U-19 squad. Perhaps, with the Scout Directorate’s work, this would not have happened. Or, at least, the youngsters could have heard first-hand what the Argentine team had made for him.

Neil Mobay, Nicholas Melamed Ribaoudo and Giovanni Reina, foreign players who might become Argentinians to play for the national team led by Lionel Scaloni (Reuters)
Neil Mobay, Nicholas Melamed Ribaoudo and Giovanni Reina, foreign players who might become Argentinians to play for the national team led by Lionel Scaloni (Reuters)

This is the heart of the project. With the new organizational chart, according to Tassi, “it is possible to establish on-site monitoring that is undoubtedly comfortable, as it is possible to accompany the youth and understand the situation, whether in football or on the field. Psychological.” Translation? To be able to see him live and live, talk to his family, and know his needs and dreams. Support him. Make him feel part of the Albiceleste world, despite the distance.

Although no names have been leaked from the list of 302 players from Eziza’s estate, there are several that are clear, such as Case Luca RomeroMallorca star who became the youngest footballer to make his debut in La Liga. Although he also holds both Mexican and Spanish nationalities, he continues to choose Argentina and does not miss any of his distance training sessions. or Santiago Ramos Mingo, A former Boca defender who plays for Barcelona. or Enzo ParchiaThe kid who jumped from Newell’s to Juventus.

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But there are also other examples with a popular moniker: who Maurizio PochettinoSon of Paris Saint-Germain coach, L. Valentino Fattori Scotta, Sevilla winger and grandson of Gringo, ex-San Lorenzo striker. At least Argentina now has it on the radar. Duly notarized. And he can fight hand in hand because the guys wear the biceleste shirt.

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