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We are aware of the need to exercise so that our body responds appropriately to the demands of our daily lives and to maintain a healthy life. However, many of us live in a state of constant activation not only physically, but also cognitively and emotionally, drawn from the overlay of activities such as home care, study, work or parenting, which results in living under high stress and possible anxiety or stress.

Lack of sleep affects activities for the rest of the day.

Feeling overwhelmed and irritable in developing tasks drawn from daily commitments, at the end of the day we only think about going to bed, dismissing the possibility of developing any kind of physical activity. We go to bed tired, unable to sleep due to thoughts and feelings that grow and that, instead of helping us fall asleep, breed insomnia (not to mention bad habits that affect our ability to sleep, like checking a cellphone before we sleep). The next day we wake up tired, to try to maintain the same routine through stimulants like coffee or tea, to be able to feel energized again and face the weight of everyday life.

The importance of rest
In order for us to find ourselves in the appropriate physical and psychological state to carry out any physical activity, it must be accompanied by relaxation and rest. As explained in the article what happens when you sleep? (What happens when you sleep?), Among the benefits of good rest we find:

Gradual relaxation of the muscles.

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Enhance memory and proper brain function while awake.

Regulating the production of hormones such as: melatonin that helps you sleep. growth hormone, which supports bone and muscle growth, as well as metabolism; Cortisol, which is part of the body’s response to stress. Leptin and ghrelin, both of which control appetite. Good sleep leads to adequate hormone production during the day.

Balance daily activities with rest

Balance your life with adequate activity and rest.

Your life is full of activities; To give it balance and make it more interesting, you can put the following recommendations into practice:

organize the next day’s activities in advance; With this habit, you can open up space in your schedule for physical activity and rest.

If you feel overwhelmed, change the type of activity you’ve selected: Instead of doing cardio and strength training, stretch, meditate, or do yoga, but don’t replace this space with other tasks.

Training at home: Get it with your favorite gym equipment, this will allow you to use it at the scheduled time for exercise without depending on the gym schedule.

Eat well: Restrict your intake of sugars and carbohydrates that make you feel more tired. Find out which foods make you feel tired or bloated and try replacing them with others in your diet.

Get adequate sleep hygiene: sleep 6 to 8 hours a day and avoid using mobile devices before bed; Gradually reduce the amount of activities you do before bed and eat dinner at least two hours before bedtime, so you’ll rest better.

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