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The Arcana Project, Issued by the agency Aruliden And architecture studio Leaky Studio, Offers the possibility to rent these exotic wood and glass cabins that they manage to camouflage their surroundings, a forest two hours north of Toronto, Canada. Reservations for $ 299 a night (around € 245 at current exchange rates) They are all ready Completed by 2021When its construction has not yet been completed. The location of the place is confidential, and only available to the first users of these properties.

Each of these cabins, initially only three, but as many as twelve actually, have reflective walls to blend in and blend in with the landscape. They are About 83 m2 of wooden cases and cladding are covered with polished sheets of stainless steel.

The designers’ idea is to distance themselves from city life to isolate themselves in the midst of this forest of deciduous trees, allowing guests to feel as close to nature as possible. In order for the birds not to be hurt by the value, the metal will present a slightly deformed reflection.

Every cabin has electricity and running water, but they are already planning to completely isolate the cabins from the electrical grid, to be built in remote locations in the future.

Inside, each cabin has a modern kitchen, a fire pit located on the private balcony for outdoor cooking at any time, a private bathroom with a rain shower and a carefully selected set of amenities. Guests will be able to access the cabins with a contactless check-in, and will later include facilities such as a sauna.

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Arcana cabins are already under construction and they expect to be available later this year.. Designers are already planning to expand the sites to other regions of Canada and the United States.

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