Researchers’ Night brings science closer to the rural environment of Burgos

With fourteen editions under its belt, for another year, European Researchers’ Night launches engines to bring the work of scientists closer to citizens in a fun and entertaining way. Thus, the two-day Big Science Festival (Friday 29 and Saturday 30) will offer nearly thirty activities in four different venues, with options for all audiences. In this edition, in addition to organizing events in Cenieh and at the Science and Technology Station, the event will once again leave the city to move to Villanueva de Río Ubierna and Villasur de Herreros with the aim of bringing the scientific community to rural areas. environment.

Jaime Torres, Mayor of Villasur de Herreros; Roberto Cuadrado, Technician of the City Council of Merindad de Operna, and Roberto Reboleda, President of the “Cotoro Blanco” Association of Villanueva de Río Operna, highlighted the importance of celebrating this Night of Researchers for their regions, which encourages people to get closer to the rural world after the summer.

The programming, a complete presentation of science and research in the streets of these municipalities, intended for people enthusiastic about talks, experiments, workshops or drawing, was organized by Cenieh and UBU, in collaboration with Fundación La Caixa and the Ministry. For science and innovation. Activities include two monologues on evolution by Angela Valera, publisher at UBU, and conferences by Sine researchers, Toshi Fujioka, who will talk about dark matter, black holes and supernovas, and Josep Barras, who will talk about the Taguagete (La Palma) volcano.

One of the novelties this year is the storytellers “Stories or Prehistory of Sapiens and Neanderthals” which will take place in Séne, in Villanueva and in Villasur de Herreros. A children’s drawing competition for primary school students entitled “Sapiens and Neanderthals” will also be organized in the three locations. In exchange for the drawing, each young artist will receive a gift.

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One of the most innovative workshops that the University of Burgos will offer this year is the “Sonic Walk” where participants will tour the city in the footsteps of Emperor Charles V and will be able to see what the city looked like in 1520, thanks to SonicMaps Player and mobile device technology. The tour will depart at 5pm from La Estación.

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