Reopening boosts economy and vaccination

Mexican and US authorities celebrated yesterday’s opening of access to territory at the common border for non-essential travel in order to resume commercial activities.

House of Sanes, more than LaredoAnd Texas, stressed that reopening is an opportunity to vaccinate Mexicans under the age of 17 against COVID-19 in the United States.

In the case of guard box located on the border Tijuana And San DiegoLosses were calculated at more than $1 trillion for the 19-month close. Moreover, nearly 2,000 families were unemployed.

At the entrance to the port San Ysidro A free COVID testing station has been set up for visitors who have taken advantage of it before entering I.

In terms of revitalizing the local economy, San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce He predicts that between November 20 and January 6, companies that have been hung in the past few months will receive at least 60 percent of the sales they will receive for a full year due to the holidays.

Jason WellsThe CEO of that organization said that in the 19 months of the shutdown, 2,000 jobs have been lost and local businesses have worked at 24 percent of their capacity, because they depend on buyers who come from Mexico.

The reopening also brought together authorities from states California And Baja California.

During the reopening of a banner organized by the county San DiegoConsul in that city, Carlos Gonzalez, stressing that “the most important link between United State And Mexico, Enter San Diego And Tijuana, he is exactly human. There are dozens of communities and thousands of families and friends who have seen the constant disconnection.”

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In the case of the boundary between sonora And Arizona, mayors NogalesAnd Juan Francisco Jim, on the Mexican side, and Arturo GarinoHe, from the US, agreed on the positive that lifting restrictions would result in both economies. For those from the north because it will increase trade and for those from the south because the increased influx of people will boost tourism.

Garino He did not give a figure for how many visitors he expects to receive, but said they expect an influx of residents and a floating number large enough to recover from the economic effects of the shutdown.

There are usually higher sales between October and January, but with the absence of Mexican customers, difficult months have passed, as in February 2021, when they posted losses estimated at one million dollars. Usually 60 to 65 percent of the taxes we get in a municipality NogalesAnd Arizona, are residents sonora‘ revealed the mayor.

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