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The latest statistics from the government of the Arab Republic of Egypt The United Kingdom shows that renewable electricity generation surpassed fossil fuels for the first time in 2020, Providing 43% of the state’s electricity. Fossil fuels produced 38.5%, according to a report by Energy trends From Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategies (BEIS).

Onshore and offshore wind provided more than half of the renewable energy in the UK in 2020, generating 24.2% of the country’s electricity needs (13% from offshore wind power and 11.2% from onshore wind power in the UK). Low carbon sources (renewable and nuclear) generated 59%.

The report highlighted that renewable energy generation has increased year by year and that the latest annual record has been mainly driven by high levels of wind generation, which increased by 18% compared to 2019.

Deputy CEO of the renewable“The records today, set despite the epidemic, show that renewables are maintaining a reliable strength for this country during the most difficult period any of us has faced in several decades,” Melanie On said.

Overall, renewable energy grew by only 2% during 2020, the lowest growth rate since at least 2010, compared to an average growth of nearly 20% over the past ten years.

Some quarters have not seen the additional potential of certain technologies; In the second quarter, there was no increase in wind and onshore bioenergy and in the three and fourth quarters there was no new offshore wind capacity, which had previously seen significant increases.

New solar PV capacity also slowed down in 2020, with 217 MW added in 2020 compared to 273 MW in 2019.

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BEIS also released statistics covering the last three months of 2020, which show that wind power generated 24.9% of UK electricity in the fourth quarter (14.1% offshore and 10.8% onshore). Renewable energy overall contributed 40.5% in this period.

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