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Basketball is a constant maker of chances and not just in the most famous competitions. It is an ideal way to learn about different lifestyles and even to help with studies. One of the many players who take advantage of these options is Reggie Agbeko (Kumasi, Ghana; 1992). The Ghanaian player is part of the current squad Amorbietta, but it’s not his first experience far from home, far from it. Trained at the American University in St. Louis, he made his professional debut in Denmark and then chose to play with LEB Plata, signing first with Albacete and then with Villarrobledo. This season he took it a step further by joining Biscayan’s squad and dreamed of helping them reach the top. in this goal Today’s match (7:00 pm) at Orense Stadium will be keyThe duel between the two leaders of the competition.

Agbeko hasn’t been slow to get comfortable in the Amorebieta. He accompanies the results and on the field he enjoys the team game and also with the Zornozarra fans. “I love the energy they have and how they support us, and I feel like we can’t afford to lose with this crowd. It’s one of the best hobbies I’ve ever had and we players appreciate it very much,” he says. Those good feelings and communication with people are also transmitted outside of Laria. I love Basque culture. Everyone is friendly and come to talk to you. Although it’s hard for me to understand, people try to teach me and there is a lot of respect and pride for the culture. It’s something I respect a lot.”

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Amorebieta is the present of the present inner zornotzarra, although there are two places in his life that have a special meaning. Two sites shaped his personality and made him grow both professionally and personally. “I love Ghana, it’s my home, and also the United States, where I spend an important part of my life,” he says. The distance does not make him forget these places, and whenever he can, he returns to enjoy the warmth of the house: “I go to Ghana every summer when the season ends and then come back to the US to train for the next season.. Ghana is my home. It’s the family, the food, the culture and the music that I always miss. “

Ghana is also where he discovered the sport. His choices were soccer and basketball “and he wasn’t very good at soccer so I chose basketball,” he says. He started late, but his talent soon blossomed. “Basketball is a little better now, but when it started it was difficult. It’s not very organised, there are no basics and it is played in street style. It helped me gain certain skills and also hurt me because I did it not develop the skills. The basics”, he recalls. Those first steps helped him take the leap and go to the United States to see another new reality, practically another sport. “It was shocking and everything was new to me. For example, I never played in a wing, always on the street, and when I went to the States it was the first time I played indoors. The floor was good, I could throw myself without Problems, that’s easy, he said.In St. Louis he completed four years of training and lived through to the final NCAA championship.

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“It’s been a journey full of ups and downs, but I loved the process because it’s what led me to be who I am now,” Agbeko says. On this trip, the current stop is Amorebieta and he aspires to do “great things” with the zornotzarra group. Another step towards a great goal. “I want to keep playing basketball and see how high I can go. I want to play as best I can, so when I retire, I don’t have to look back and regret. I work on it every day and always try to progress,” he says. This dream is something that not only stays in his person, but he also wants to help the people of his country and for more young people to be able to live in a way along the lines of what he said: “After basketball I always dreamed of Going back to Ghana to help out with sports whatever the possibilities I have. Any effect it might have on children who have the same dreams as me would be amazing.”

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