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Everyone wants to know what Simon Bassett looks like in real life.

A few months ago, Regé-Jean Page was practically unknown to most of the public. Now, the actor is one of the best-selling actors thanks to his role in The Bridgertons, where he plays the lovable but rogue Simon Basset. The character has the proper charm to be one of those heroes that hooks the audience up and something tells us that the actor is the same in real life. Born in London in 1990, Paige grew up knowing that he was different and not taking the acting world seriously. So suddenly it became his job.

While we wait to see if we will continue to see him in Season 2 of The Bridgertons – Simon’s role has yet to be confirmed – we have gathered some interesting facts from his bio.

Grows up to be different

The actor is the son of a Zimbabwean nurse and an English preacher. The actor spent his childhood in his mother’s African country, which he considers his home over London. “Home is a relative concept. Home is where your employees are and where is right for them. I have spent my entire life discovering how to be different people.” […] In Zimbabwe, there is a huge sense of British colonies. It is very difficult to form an identity in that environment being a mixed-race youth. ‘, Announced in an interview with Interview Magazine. The actor remembers that his mere existence was really a political statement, reminding everyone that his parents had “done something revolutionary” by meeting together.

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Growing up in this position he built his character. And also the fact that you grew up outside of what is considered the center of the world – Los Angeles, New York or London. The actor is grateful that he has grown out of those cities to be able to realize that there are people in other places who do very important things.

You have a broader view because you know how you look from the outside and from the inside. It’s about how you position yourself, which is very helpful as an artist. You have to watch, you have to steal. You don’t have an identity imposed by the world, you can build one

Work as an actor to pay for Gameboy

Regé-Jean Page started acting because it was amusing him. Once in the UK – when he was already a teenager – he went to school on a Saturday where he learned to dance, act and sing. In his own words, it was a boy who wanted to gain attention and that was great for him to start working as an actor. “Every two years I get a job, I get some money and buy my Gameboy”. He had little interest in acting until he discovered the British National Youth Theater.

Paige began by studying sound engineering because he confused the scientific branch his mother came from with the technical branch that was related to his father. But when he discovered the British National Youth Theater, he went out of his way to enter. Two years after the test, he was able to enter the prestigious school. It’s the same center as Paul Bettany, Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, and Gwendoline Christie. “This was the first time I was in a room with a group of guys who took as seriously as I did and went as deep as I wanted.”

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Your family and your personal life

actor Bridgertons He is the second youngest of his four siblings and it seems like there was no room for boredom in his childhood. Together with his younger brother, he created a musical group. “We wrote guitar music loud and angry. We shouted at the people we felt dyed in different colors.”, Remember that Interview Magazine.

From his words, he seems to hail from a very close family. Page admits he has his mother’s support no matter what role he plays: “If I do a Greek tragedy, I ask him about his condition and he says,” Good. It was a little strange when he killed his son, so what was it? “. On the other hand, what is a mother who does not?

His mother’s family hails from Zimbabwe, and due to the situation the country went through until its independence, his relatives are scattered throughout South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Florida and Granada – the Caribbean country, not the Spanish city. Truth, according to Page, helps to have an open mind and knowledge of various facts.

As for his personal life, in case you were wondering, he doesn’t have a known girlfriend, partly because he’s very secretive about it. What he confirmed is that it has nothing to do with it Denifor’s vibeHis partner on the Netflix series. When asked if they were together, Page replied, “All you need to know is on the camera. All the chemistry came from the texts they gave us.”

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