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Canada It has seen an increase in the arrival of migrants seeking asylum in recent months. Many of them come from the United States, a country where it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain asylum, especially for citizens fleeing countries such as Venezuela, Haiti and Cuba, among others in the Latin American region.

Canada’s Department of Immigration told EFE that in 2022, a total of 39,171 people arrived in the country to seek asylum via the Roxham route, the unofficial border crossing through which they arrive in the province of Quebec. Intakes of asylum seekers have increased since last December New York authorities began paying immigrants bus tickets For them to enter Canada via Roxham.

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commerce Speak with Fernando Torres, Founder and Director on the requirements that must be met by those seeking access to state refugee in Canada. Torres is an immigration consultant graduated from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada and a lawyer from the Pontifical Catholic University in Peru.

Where can you apply for refugee status for Canada?

to request Shelter must be raised from Canadian soil; This includes border posts, airports, train stations and of course at any of the offices located in every province of the country. Exceptionally, Canada welcomes asylum applicants from outside the country, but this type of case is mainly designed for those citizens who live in refugee camps, which is an unrealistic situation in the countries of our region.

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A group of people claiming to be Haitians walk down Roxham Road in Champlain, New York, as they prepare to cross the border into Canada, August 4, 2017 (Photo by Jeff Robbins/AFP)

What is required to apply for asylum in Canada?

The grounds for asylum are comprehensive and are part of supranational human rights legislation. In order to obtain refugee status, the applicant must prove this to the immigration authority There is a fear of persecution because of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group and political opinion. Canada’s domestic legislation extends this presumption of international law and also gives protection to those who can credibly prove that their lives are in danger.

Are there any language requirements or education level for an asylum seeker?

A refugee is a person who flees a desperate situation and leaves their country of origin in search of protection that their country can no longer guarantee. Refugees often arrive with only an identity document, leaving everything behind. Asylum seekers are only required to present their case before a quasi-judicial authority, regardless of whether they speak English or French, whether they have a higher education or not. This does not apply at the time of protection.

Does seeking asylum have a cost?

The refugee application in Canada is free of charge, but I must repeat that the application must be made on Canadian soil or at the border posts. Getting into the country can come at a very high cost to many people who need a Canadian helping hand.

How long do you have to wait for a response in the asylum process?

The asylum process consists of two parts: the first stage takes place in an administrative court called the Commissioner for Migration and Refugees, where there are two cases. If the application is denied in both, the petitioner must move to the second stage, which is the federal court. The process can last more than 5 years between appeal and appeal.

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Fernando Torres is the Founder and Director of Fernando Torres Immigration Consulting Services Inc.

How long does it take for a person to obtain asylum in Canada?

If the final decision is granted case Refugee The plaintiff and his family may apply for permanent residence in Canada and eventually become a citizen of that country.

What benefits do refugees get?

The first benefit the plaintiff receives is the assurance that he or she will enter a safe country. The Canadian state offers work and study access to petitioners who are awaiting their case for a final resolution. They also enjoy the country’s health system.

So, a refugee can work?

The petitioner can work, study and receive health care. Once you have refugee status, you will be able to become a permanent resident and enjoy all the benefits of a citizen, with the exception of voting in elections.

Does the shelter reach all family members of the applicant?

The petitioner and his family can benefit from the shelter

What should happen to a homeless person?

The plaintiff receives the state benefit because he indicates that he is suffering from persecution in his country of origin. So, Canada He grants you status and accepts your request. But, many times it happens that the plaintiff, after obtaining the permanent residence, returns to his country for a vacation. In such many and very common circumstances, Canada can withdraw the benefit. Lying in an operation of this kind is very dangerous and has permanent consequences that are irreversible in most cases.

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