Recorded polar bear hunting reindeer for the first time in history

The Global Warming The damage to the ozone layer produces various negative consequences for nature. One case is thaw that affects the habitat of polar bears and leads to a Radical change in diet Of which. This can be checked in a video where a file bear reindeer hunting.

The film revolves around a large female who chased a male reindeer in the icy waters, managed to catch it and took it to the mainland to devour it. The stark scene happened in the Svalbard archipelago, in NorwayAnd revealed how these animals changed the type of food they were fed with as a result of the fact that their ancient prey was no longer as frequent as it was before, as happened with seals.

Oso wool. Video: YouTube Mateusz Gruszka

The audiovisual film was shot by members of the Science Station team. “It was so amazing that it was like watching a documentary. You can almost hear the narrator in the background saying that this event must definitely be seen because we probably won’t see it again,” he said. Isabella Kolashevich and AFP.

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This unusual fact surprised scientists, to the point that Kulaszewicz I decided to advertise the event in a magazine specializing in animal development. This article shows, in the eyes of the researchers, how polar bears have changed their focus on their prey due to the melting that is occurring in the glaciers.

This was reflected in widespread signs of predation between polar bears and reindeer, audio and visual recordings of where they coexisted. 300 dp And 20 thousand ringsTherefore, larger mammals chose to eat their smaller four-legged pairs. Specifically, according to specialists, this behavior has two possible explanations: the above-mentioned explanation, in which the retreat of the sea glacier made bears live longer on land, changing their diet; On the other hand, the increase in the number of reindeer in Svalbard.

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Two days later, the animal went back to work. Photo: Adobe Stockby: Anton Ivanov | Anton Ivanov Photos – stock.adobe

Days later, the bear repeated feeding patterns

After he was seen eating a reindeer, he was noticed two days later devouring another carcass of a reindeer. This last animal is a good food choice in summer, when there are not many seals, which turned out to be the favorite food of egg hunters due to their caloric fat.

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“Reindeer can be important, at least to some bears, when they have to stay on the ground for long periods,” the expert said. John Rice. However, this change in behavior will not be a salvation for the extinction of the species as it is estimated that by 2100 they will be completely gone.

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