“Reconciliation” after Curiosity with Ferrero and Bruguera

to Carlos Alcaraz train him Juan Carlos Ferrero Until recently it was Captain V.I cup Davis to Sergey Bruguera. to Sasha Zverev Sergi Bruguera has been trained and done by Juan Carlos Ferrero in the past. The four meet this tuesday at The magic box In the round of 16 Mutua Madrid Open Championship.

Already entered the second week of the tournament, the year final is repeated. Alcaraz then lifted the title (winning comfortably 6-3 6-1), although Zverev was able to take revenge a month later in the quarterfinals of Roland Garros (6-4, 6-4, 4-6 7-6). ). in the semi-finals against Nadal, Sasha He suffered a serious injury (even broke seven ligaments in his right ankle) and they have not met again until now.

Yes they came across on the right track. They did it last Thursday, at the Caja Mágica training grounds. Despite being potential opponents in the Round of 16 of the tournament, they chose to train with each other. The photo didn’t stop being amazing, even more so when you add Ferrero and Bruguera into the equation.

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The training session took place at Court 12 of the Madrid complex and lasted an hour and a half. A large mass of fans gathered together to watch the preparation time. Before heading out on the track, Alcaraz, Ferrero and Bruguera shared their impressions. Zverev, who was a little late, got to the race. Good vibes prevailed among all parties during the training.

Anyone who is somewhat aware of the past between them might be surprised. First of all, Ferrero and Zverev didn’t end well at all when they worked together. Added to this was the irritation caused by some Spanish tennis players, as Bruguera, as captain of the Davis team, served as coach of the German national team. It is hinted that Alcaraz was one of them.

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The fight between Zverev and Ferrero

part by part. Before Ferrero and Alcaraz were thick and thin, Valencia tried to take the German tennis player to the top. It was 2017 and Zverev was barely 20 years old. They started working in July of that year and “broken” in February 2018. Not even eight months together, they had two different ways of seeing and understanding tennis. For the Spaniard, it was imperative that he be a professional both on and off the track Sasha, then immature, cost him the second. And that their professional relationship started well with two back-to-back titles: Title Washington and the Canadian Masters 1,000.

Yet disappointing Australian Open 2018 Everything crashed. Zverev said there was a “fight” with Ferrero and accused him of “disrespect”. Spanish, in data for BrandShe replied: They taught me work, discipline, humility and respect for others. With time, Junkie – as they call him in Vilina – he made it clear that he bumped into him Sasha For lack of punctuality and lack of respect for the technical staff. Soon after, a young Ferrero crossed paths Carlitos The rest is history.

Portrait of Juan Carlos Ferrero’s times in Zverev’s team

Controversy with Bruguera

About Bruguera, it’s all modern, and, in fact, there has never been any public censure. Barcelona has been the captain of Davies’ Spanish team since 2017 – and in 2019 he was declared champion in Madrid -. Zverev asked him to join his team in March 2022 and he accepted. What started as a test in Miami Masters 1,000 It was coagulated and they are both still connected.

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Bruguera had already combined being a captain with coaching a foreign tennis player (Tsonga was the French in 2019), but now Zverev, Nadal’s and Alcaraz’s regular rivals at major tournaments, didn’t like it. Spanish tennis players who will play in the last edition of Roland tentacles They met at Paris to discuss the matter.

Sergi Bruguera, Carlos Alcaraz and Juan Carlos Ferrero during a Davies training session


“You had to understand where the shots were going and look at each other’s faces,” Nadal later said publicly. The man from Manacor broke a spear in favor of the Catalan: “Sergi is a professional who has been and remains a part of the history of our sport and deserves respect when making decisions. Things must be done through dialogue.”

Tennis players agreed that Bruguera would continue until the end of the season and since his contract with RFET, was later replaced. He was everyone’s favourite David Ferrerwho was finally announced in the position last December. As a curiosity, Ferrero and Bruguera – that’s 10 years older – have met twice as professionals and both times, both in 2001, the current coach of Alcaraz won.

“The game everyone has been waiting for”

Hatchet over buried. Between Ferrero and Zverev who learned from past mistakes and between Team Bruguera and Team Alcaraz because of the controversy that in no way centered on the personality of the tennis player Murcian. The good feelings are evident, as we saw in last week’s training session in Madrid.

Now Alcaraz and Zverev play a pass to the quarterfinals of the Mutua Madrid Open. Current Tournament Winner vs Double Champion (2018 & 2021). fans Manolo Santana They will be able to enjoy one of the highlights of this edition, an almost anticipated finale.

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Zverev has had a hard time raising the bar after a long period of inactivity, but in Madrid his scariest version was on display again. This Sunday he beat France’s Grenier in 57 minutes. He said after the match: “Before Alcaraz, it will be the match that everyone is waiting for, because it was the final last year, and we met in the last match before I got injured at Roland Garros. But I feel ready for this challenge.” Waiting for what happened next between Carlos W Dimitrov.

He defeated Alcaraz of Bulgaria, and continued his winning streak (17) in Spain (between Godot and Madrid). His last defeat in the capital in 2021 was against Nadal: “It will be different than last year. He beat the opposition. Everyone knows what Zverev is, what a great player he is and what shots he has. I’m going to try to play the best game and look forward to measure myself against him,” said Morcian. Tennis from the highest level in Madrid to celebrate May 2.

Comparison of Zverev and Carlos Alcaraz


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