Recognition of health professionals in Rosario in the Jockey Club

On the night of Thursday 11 November in Balad knight club from Rosario, a warm meeting and dinner was held where a plaque of appreciation was handed over to each of the medical directors of medical institutions, both private and public, on behalf of their professional staff.

The Jockey de Rosario Club Choir led by the teacher Fernando CirauluThe ceremony was inaugurated by the president of the Jockey Club Prozario, Charles RobertsHe welcomed the audience, including the Minister the health from santa fe county, Sonia Marturano, Mayor Paul JafkinPresident of the Municipal Council , Maria Eugenia Schmok, Municipal Secretaries of Sports, Adrien Giglioand health Leonardo Caruana.

The event was hosted by the press Giuli Nardon The heads of delegations of the following clubs were responsible for handing over the commemorative plaque to each doctor:

Union Rosario Children’s Sports Group – Los Caranchos Club – Duendes Rugby Club – Rosario Gymnastics and Fencing Club – Rosario Jockey Club – Sportivo Avellaneda Marine Club – Newell’s Old Boys Athletic Club – Old Rizian Club – Plaza Jewell Atlético del Rosario – Regional Athletic Club – Club Rosario Central Sports Club – Rosario Ball Club – Rosario Golf Club – University of Rosario Club – Rosario Yacht Club.

The honored physicians, who received various gifts in addition to the Shield of Appreciation, serve as directors of the health institutions that manage and manage the epidemic. Next, the list of gifts:

Privat Hospital (Gamma Group) Dr. Gustavo Petroni

Women’s Sanatorium, Dr. Eduardo Antifero

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Italian Hospital Dr. Jorge Ignacio Moreno

Spanish Hospital Dr. Jose Gentilini

British Hospital, Dr. Alejandra Mattiacchio

Centro Group, d. Carlos Mackie

Sanatorio Plaza, d. Eduardo Polenta

Centennial Hospital, Dra Claudia Piros

District Hospital, Dra Teresita Geo

Children’s Hospital of the Northern District, Dr. Monica Jurado

Carrasco Hospital Dr. Fernando Gomez

Juan Bautista Albardi Hospital d. Jose Miguel Bellisan

IPAM Dr. Favio Faroli Medical Center

Mapaci Dr. Tomás Diez Sanatorium

Sanatorio Norte Dr. Silvio Gavosto

Children’s clinic d. Javier Escalante

Bami I’m Dra. Yanina Morator

Bami II d. Mariano Gianello

Italian Hospital Dr. Sergio Bianco

Clemente Alvarez Emergency Hospital Dr. Jorge Bitar

Children’s Hospital Vilela, Dra

The British Hospital, Dr. Marielle Martin

Sanatorio Parque, Dr. Carlos Lovesio

Roque Saenz Peña Hospital, Dr. Luciana Mussetti

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