Real Madrid’s revolutionary training method with oxygen regulating masks

Physical trainer Antonio Pintos has promoted a private business

The Real Madrid It comes from having the season of dreams side by side Carlo Ancelotti. It is after comfortably winning the Spanish League, meringue They managed to win the Champions League final after defeating Liverpool and thus achieved their 14th title in the highest club football tournament in Europe.

After the holiday, the football players of the professional team began to work in the middle Valdebebas And they did this with some physical tasks by a certain system responsible for it Anthony Pintoscoach. In the training plan, the Palestinian police used a revolutionary method, something he had already chosen a year ago.

In the various publications you have provided White House In their social networks, different football players can be seen using Hypoxia mask connected system. “It’s not hypoxia training, it’s a test to learn about the aerobic and anaerobic thresholds and kinetic strength of the players at the moment,” Bentos explained.

The mask should direct oxygen and carbohydrates. The ratio of one and the other allows us to know the conditions of the players.”added the Italian physical trainer.

The system allows to identify the physical condition of football players

“The results customize the direction of the team’s work individually. We always do a long run base run and then look for a shorter, faster route. With these tests, I can tell if footballers still need low-intensity base running work or if I can get more intense training,” explained Ancelotti’s collaborator.

Faced with this scenario, The main purpose of the masks is to reduce the level of oxygen intake. In action, the player’s body is simulated by a height controlled by his technique, allowing him to analyze his physical condition. Moreover, the method makes it possible to measure the oxygen expenditure and, in this way, to analyze the individual metabolism of the football player in order to adjust it according to the diet according to each champion.

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During the first week of training, Ancelotti and his technical team did a base of physical work for the players and it is expected that only on Sunday players will be able to perform the exercises with the ball. Next Tuesday, the team will leave Madrid and travel to the United States To continue their preparation for the start of the official competition.

The tour will include three friendly matches. The first, Sunday 24, will be Classic vs Barcelona Xavi Hernandez in Las Vegas. The second will be against America from Mexicoon July 27 in San Francisco and the last confrontation will be held in Los Angeles against Juventus, on July 31. The first appearance of the defending champion of the La Liga title will be on the 14th of August against Almeria.

Real Madrid players made hypoxia masks
Real Madrid players made hypoxia masks

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