Real estate tour is an opportunity to buy a home in the United States

Make real estate investments in Florida, United States, It’s easier than many might think. Of course, advice and guidance are needed in order for you to be able to do this successfully. It is according to these criteria that the Florida Real Estate Tour 2023 is designed, which will take place on June 6 and 7, in Medellin (San Fernando Plaza Hotel), and on June 9 and 8, in Bogota (Estelar La Fontana Hotel). This is the third meeting held in the round. The first took place in November last year, and showed that Colombians are not only interested, but also have the ability to acquire real estate there. The organizers assure that the attendance in the first edition doubled their expectations, and in the second in March, they received nearly 500 participants. Now everything is ready for June

The real estate agents behind the round saw this as a very good time for Colombians to invest in Miami and Orlando, among other cities. Therefore, in the round there will be more than 20 real estate agents presenting seven projects, both condominiums (apartments) and houses, for short and long term rentals.

On the tour, attendees will get advice from lawyers and experts in all areas that make up this type of out-of-state investment, such as financial, real estate, and immigration aspects. there Projects will be found for those who have approximately 600 million pesos to invest (about $150,000), and you will have the opportunity to get up to 75 percent financing. It is important to keep in mind that in most cases it is not necessary to travel to the United States to settle this business. Thanks to the technology and the “bridge” that the tour provides, filings, approvals, payments and other actions can be submitted from Colombia.

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Why invest in Florida

Today there are many advantages that Florida puts on the table for international investors. The first of these is the dollarization of part of the assets and the diversification of their investments, since investing in dollars, among other things, is beneficial for Colombians in terms of protection against the devaluation of the peso. The second is the fight against inflation, which is no different from the increase in the prices of goods and services in a certain period, which thus represents a loss in the purchasing power of money, which is fought through the acquisition of real estate that is not limited to this. It keeps money, but it is valued in proportion to the percentage value of inflation, just like any other product or service.

Other reasons also include tax benefits and immigration to Florida. in the first case, Florida is one of seven US states that do not have a state income tax. Which represents a more than significant savings. And in the second case, it should be noted that after the epidemic, Florida received no more than 900 people who moved daily to the Sunshine State (70% of Americans). In addition, the offices and operations of 123 of the 500 largest companies in the United States have moved, which means a rise in real estate due to high demand and housing shortages.

In cities like Miami and Orlando, real estate entrepreneurs have diversified, in addition to continuing to be seen as tourist destinations because of their beaches, shopping malls, and, of course, their theme parks, by offering their visitors so much more. Miami, for example, is an increasingly global and important city in the eyes of the world. All the world’s artists pass through, the weather is an American favorite, Art Basel is a must on the global art agenda, and it has become a meeting place for world-class sporting events like Miami. Grand Prix F1 and Tennis open that happen on site. Orlando today is much more than parks with industries as important as health and technology.

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Therefore, there are many reasons why investing in Florida is more than a good choice. It’s a great opportunity. Investing in Florida is easy, profitable and safe. Done right, this is what the Florida Estate Tour 2023 has to offer.

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