Reactions to the case of the Chilean ambassador to the United Kingdom

Dissatisfaction in the ruling party and the opposition with the five million dollar project of the Chilean ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Chilean Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Susana Herrerareceived a strong warning from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after submitting a project to the Government of Biobío to raise public and private funds of about five million dollars, without following the formal procedures.

Reactions to the case of the Chilean ambassador to the United Kingdom

from chancellery They stressed that “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is waiting for the performance of its ambassadors, as well as achieving the goals set for their missions abroad.”

To implement administrative oversight, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has mechanisms that allow it to act with the speed required to protect the interests of our country. In this case, they added, these mechanisms are activated, and all necessary basic information is collected.

They concluded that “we cannot refer to specific instruments or details, as these are procedures that require confidentiality.”

Fernando GuzmanThe President of the Association of Professional Diplomats (ADICA) pointed out, “This fact prompts us to call on the President of the Republic to appoint ambassadors for the diplomatic corps. The well-known issue today has only continued because of the standards and adherence to the standards for the ambassadors of the foreign corps, whether the Director of European Affairs or the Secretary-General for Foreign Policy.”

“Over the decades, we have witnessed the appointment of dozens of ambassadors for reasons of emergency politics, balance of power between political parties, friendship or simply payment of favors,” said the Adica representative.

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“Embassies are not places to provide services, on the contrary, we know that they are visible places for Chileans abroad and must be run by professionals,” he added.

In the same vein, Guzmán said, “We think it would be incomprehensible to the public if our embassies continued to be a presidential tool to reward political parties that were not considered for a cabinet reshuffle or people who were not considered for positions in the central administration.”

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