RD Baseball will seek a place for the Tokyo 2020 Games in the June draw

The Dominican Republic will seek a baseball berth for the Tokyo Olympics, in the June 16-20 match in Taichung, according to WBSC, which governs this discipline around the world.

The number 10 Dominicans in the world falls into Group A of the Americas, as they should be measured against the United States, which ranks second; Puerto Rico in the eleventh and Nicaragua in the fifteenth.

Group B consists of Cuba No. 8, Venezuela 13 and Colombia 14.

The WBSC Baseball Americas Qualifiers is expected to take place in early June in Florida, and the WBSC Baseball Final Qualifiers will take place June 16-20 in Taichung.

The groups, form and standings of the qualifying matches will remain as previously announced, with eight nations competing in 16 matches for a place in the six-team Tokyo Baseball event.

There are 10 Dominicans in the world in Group A of the Americas, as they have to face the second-ranked United States, Puerto Rico No. 11 and Nicaragua No. 15.

“Confirmation about these rankings should cause great anticipation and excitement between the Olympic and baseball worlds,” said Ricardo Fracari, President of WBSC.

“I would like to express WBSC’s deepest appreciation to our hosts in Florida and Taichung, who will provide us with the venues to conduct these important international competitions in a safe and successful manner. Good luck to all the teams and athletes on their way to the Tokyo Olympics. Time to play ball.”

WBSC Americas Baseball Ranking – Florida, USA

Group A: 2nd place, USA, 10th place, Dominican Republic, 11th place, Puerto Rico, 15th place, Nicaragua.

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Group Two: Cuba No. 8, Venezuela No. 9, Canada No. 13, Colombia No. 14.

Once team play ends, the top contestants from each group will advance to the Super Round, where they each play two matches. Live matches between these teams will move from Round 1 to the Super Round classification.

The team with the best record in the Grand Tour will be announced as the fifth national team to advance to the Tokyo Olympic Baseball Championship, joining Japan, the world number 1, Korea No. 3, Mexico No. 5 and Israel No. 18..

The second and third place teams will qualify by WBSC Baseball Final Ranking.

WBSC baseball final standings – Taichung and Doulyo, TPE

The WBSC Baseball Final Ranking, which gives the sixth and final place to the Tokyo Olympic Baseball event, is scheduled for June 16-20 at Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium and International Baseball Stadium in Dolio.

The participating teams are World No. 4 Taipei, China, No. 6 Australia, No. 9 Netherlands, No. 22 China, and No. 2 and No. 3 in the WBSC Baseball Americas Rankings.

Coordination, groups, and final classification schedule will be announced in a future communication.

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