RCN’s “Café con aroma de mujer” tops Netflix charts in over 20 countries

There is Colombian audio-visual material that is capturing the broadcast audience, and it’s not exactly Disney’s “Encanto”, which although it refers to local customs and traditions with national talent, is a Hollywood production, without neglecting its box office successes. On the contrary, other achievements come from stories and 100% of our “achievements”.

In the first place, not only “Yo soy Betty la fea”, by Fernando Gaetán, has been among the most watched Netflix roasts in Colombia for weeks, but now “Café con aroma de mujer”, the new version that premiered this The year after RCN, an 88-chapter story, which is among the top ten most-watched on that platform in 23 countries, and could add more.

But her position is not only on Spanish-speaking sites, she leads the story of the coffee collector and her mother in most of the Latin American countries where Netflix is ​​played, but also in Europe and even in Canada and even Nigeria.

According to the platform’s own records, if the operation between January 2 and 9 is taken into account, Café tops the non-English language television category, with a total of 82.9 million hours occupied by users. In fact, this is more than the second production on the list, the “Rebelde Temp 1” in its 2022 edition, which for that period was 33.1 million hours.

For the director of the Colombian series, Mauricio Cruz, behind the success of Café is the work of adapting to the current dynamics compared to the version that premiered in 1994 (which at the time was also a success that year in Colombia). “We start from one thing which is separating ourselves, competing with the above is impossible, for me we are assuming it is a challenge, like anything else, do not underestimate its importance, it is a great ghost that exists, what is now is the same story but different with a lot of problems The present, and different from the former. The difference in communication, for example at that time there were not even cell phones; which is not the tale of a single woman but it is now empowering to many.”

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In the final hours, Café succeeded in taking the lead in Brazil, remaining in second place for several days, as well as holding the top 10 most watched stories in the United States within the Telemundo distribution. Don’t count a million copies of the soundtrack done by the protagonist, Laura Londono, herself.

Even at the same Colombian coffee association, the series was a staple in the nights routine when RCN aired it. For example, Guillermo Trujillo, of Asesorias Cafeteras, wrote at the time in LR that “as a work of literature it largely describes reality, but in addition to the imagination of the writers and producers, our best actors attempt to represent everyday life.”

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