Raul Castro reappears after protests in Cuba | Participate in the PCC meeting

Former Cuban President Raul Castro participated in a leadership meeting of the Communist Party (PCC) State media reported on Monday that Sunday’s anti-government protests were taken up.

At the meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Peace Committee, chaired by the First Secretary for Training and President Miguel Diaz-Canel, “ Orchestrated provocations by counter-revolutionary elements, organized and financed by the United States for destabilizing purposes, This came in a statement issued by the Cuban News Agency.

“The members of the highest party body also addressed this model The people’s response to Comrade Diaz-Canel’s call to defend the revolution on the streets, which allowed vandalism to be defeated. ”

At the moment, no video or photographic images showing Raúl at the meeting have been published in the Cuban state media., who turned 90 in June In his last public appearance, he appeared in good health.

protests in cuba

Thousands of Cubans took to the streets on Sunday to protest the government, chanting “Freedom!” On an unprecedented day that resulted in dozens of arrests and clashes after Díaz-Canel called on the Cuban people to defend the revolution.

The protests, the most powerful that Cuba has seen since the so-called “maleconazo” in August 1994, erupted as the country plunged into a serious economic crisis, with severe food and medicine shortages and prolonged power outages.

On this Monday, the President, to whom Raúl Castro transferred the leadership of the Palestinian National Congress last April, He appeared alongside members of his government for several hours on state television to discuss the island’s major problems.

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In that intervention, Díaz-Canel again blamed the United States for the demonstrations and that country’s six-decade blockade of Cuba for the greater part of the island’s economic hardship.

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