Ramón y Cajal: A Mind for Science, the comic about the life of an Aragonese scientist

A rebellious young man, a bad pupil, a brawler, the soul artist and who he ends up becoming One of the world’s leading scientists. Thus begins a story Santiago Ramon y Cajal. The prestigious researcher revolutionized the world of medicine and was recognized internationally with many awards such as the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1906.

This exciting life and career of the world stars in the comedy ‘Ramón y Cajal’. A Mind for Science’, published by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the Government of Aragon, with The aim is to bring the biography of the world closer to the youngest. The volume was written and illustrated by Roberto Morotti and Kiko Agrida, and produced with the coordination of the Aragonese publishing house GB Edition.

Introducing the publication, the Director General of Culture of the Government of Aragon said, Victor Lucia wanted to frame this initiative in celebration of the year of Kajal, For which the Provincial Executive has prepared many activities, in collaboration with other institutions such as the Huesca City Council. The comic will go on sale on April 23rd In conjunction with Book Day.

Its pages review life in a fun and expressive way. The path and history of this Aragonese character, The story begins with his childhood years in various cities of Aragon and some of Navarrese, and the following cities of Zaragoza and its medical school, to conclude with the years he spent in Madrid, those that saw the emergence of the world. also His forays into photography, painting, and literature Or pass through the student residence.

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The writer of this comic, Queco Agreda, admitted during the show that when preparing this work They kept the basics of kajal.Which, after all, is what he’s famous for,” and, moreover, he tried It gives a vision of the human and family side from Kajal.

For his part, the editor of this comic GP Ediciones, Dani Vinoales, wanted to emphasize the work of those he considers. “Society’s best authors” He also thanked the Government of Aragon for the possibility of implementing this type of project.

As stated on the back cover of the publication, He grew up in a country where scientific research was a rare activity for which there was no way. Nevertheless, he became one of the most important scientists in the world, revolutionizing medicine and receiving many international awards, incl Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1906.

The year of the kajal

The year 2022 marks the 170th birthday of Santiago Ramón y Cajal. To celebrate this event, the Ministry of Science and Innovation has declared the Year of Cajal an event of exceptional public interest until June 2025.

The Government of Aragon, such as the City Council of Huesca, Participate in the working group held by the Ministry regarding this event, and prepared an extensive program that includes Exhibitions, audio-visual materials, illustrated publications, and technical and educational programs. In general, Cajal Year includes media activities, exhibitions, conference sessions, competitions and other actions.

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