Rafa Marquez throws a dart throw against Mexico. He says the United States has already outgrown us

There is no doubt that soccer in the United States, in terms of infrastructure, organization and sport, has already outgrown it Mexico. And who said this is nothing but Rafael Marquez.

One of the best Mexican soccer players in historyRafael Marquez, realized that football United State He has already surpassed the Mexican: “It is indisputable that, in terms of infrastructure and organization, they are already above us,” said Barcelona coach P.

He realized that American managers, Both the Federation and the Football LeagueIt was very good in terms of operations and organization.

In addition, in the material aspect “they also have an advantage, they always have, they are bigger and stronger.”

Rafa Marquez and his failures against the United States

Rafael Marquez With all the assets he gained from playing in Europe and representing Mexican national team in five World CupsHe was always against his Achilles’ heel United State.

In their time as a national team, from 1997 to 2018, they have suffered their worst defeats against the Stars and Stripes, from the playoffs to the match. World Cup in Korea and Japan 2022 Where he was fired and failed on several occasions.

Rafa Marquez gives time to Diego Cuca

In an interview with ESPN, Rafael MarquezAnd DT for branch team F.C.B He asked for some time to be able to judge Diego Coca, the new head coach of the Mexican national team.

“It’s too early to talk about his work, he’s just started. You have to give him time to develop his idea, and I hope there will be good results for the Mexican national team,” said the man born in Zamora, Michoacan.

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Rafael Marquez played with Mexican national team the World Cups in Korea and Japan 2002, Germany 2006, South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018, By scoring three goals in these competitions.

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He also won Confederations Cup 1999He won two gold cups and was runner-up in the Copa America in Venezuela in 2007.

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