RAE expressed its “deep concern” about the closure of the Nicaraguan Academy ordered by Daniel Ortega’s regime

Daniel Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo (Reuters/Oswaldo Rivas/File)

The The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) expressed “deep concern” for him Nicaragua Language Academy closedby order of Daniel Ortega’s system, “This would deprive the Central American company of legal personality and cause it to disappear after 94 years“.

The Nicaraguan system, through the Ministry of the Interior, Last Saturday, it ordered the closure of 83 local NGOs, including the Nicaraguan Language Academy and the Enrique Bolaños Foundation. Which includes – the latter – one of the most complete virtual libraries in the country.

It is a statement, RAE claims the right of the Nicaraguan Academy to “serve its citizens” In preserving the language and remembering it It has been 94 years “of prolific existence in service of the nation’s greatest cultural value”.

“The Academy of Nicaragua is a Core Foundation To take care of the language of the country’s writers and teachers to the highest degree of excellence Rubén Darío, Alfonso Cortes, Ernesto Mejia, Jose Coronel Ortico, Lisandro Chavez, Ernesto Cardinal or Pablo Antonio Cuadraamong other things”, recalls the Spanish institution.

Statement from RAE
Statement from RAE

It also highlights how the Nicaraguan Academy”It develops tireless work for the direct benefit of people with language, and plays an essential role in the international concert As part of the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language (ASALE), which contributes to their joint work in an exemplary way”.

Nicaragua’s cooperation in ASALE’s work promotes the lingua franca as the best medium for dialogue, harmony and understanding between brotherly peoples, according to the Academy of the Spanish Language.

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For this reason, the RAE, “which defends freedoms of thought, expression, and assembly as the primary values ​​of any coexistence system, Strongly supports and affirms the legitimate right of the Nicaraguan Language Academy to serve its citizens“.

Similarly, “to enable the participation of Nicaragua, in terms of equality, in the preservation of the superior cultural assets of both the nation itself and the community of nations and peoples that share the same language, today the common heritage of nearly six hundred million people all over the world”, emphasizes the Academy Spanish.

In Nicaragua, by the vote of the representatives of the Sandinistas and their allies who constitute the majority in the National Assembly (Parliament), At least 236 NGOs have had their legal personality revoked since December 2018Eight months after the outbreak of a popular revolt against Daniel Ortega.

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