Quintana describes Camacho as a “silly businessman” and says he saved his business in 2019

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Former Presidential Minister Juan Ramon Quintana on Saturday described ex-commissioner de la pro Santa Cruz Luis Fernando Camacho as a ridiculous fluoridated businessman ?? Who saved their work by toppling the government? After Evo Morales resigned in 2019.

Who handed over power in 2019 in Bolivia? (Luis Fernando) Camacho, a bankrupt businessman and thief, said that the only way to save his companies is to topple the government ?? , Quintana said at a meeting with the social sectors in El Alto.

The strong man surrounding Morales assured that all coups in Bolivia, do you have a bill for the North American empire? He asked to be “decapitated” if the opposite happened.

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? Cut my head off if the opposite happened! There is no coup in Bolivia that has been carried out without permission from Washington, the State Department, the Defense Department, the Pentagon, or Southern Command.

Quintana’s comments came in an interview with El Alto’s social movements at the San Gabriel Radio Hall.

And he considered that since at least 20 years in all of Latin America there were at least eight coups, all of them “against progressive governments.”

He argued during his speech for just over an hour that the “new temple”? The coup operations involved parliamentarians, business people, the Catholic Church, the Organization of American States, the European Union and the United States, among others.

He pointed out that under this formula ?? Presidents such as Hugo Chávez, Fernando Lugo, Delma Rousseff and Evo Morales were removed from their posts.

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