Quini 6 results: nine millionaire winners

The the lottery This Wednesday, March 3, 2022 from 6And the In its version 2937, put it into play more than 130 million pesos, With over a million bets across the country looking for it The winners With the six strikes they became millionaires.

In the clouds traditional The from 6, There was more than 47 millions of pesos. The numbers are out 24, 12, 16, 38, 09 and 20. On this occasion, the well was vacant and passed for the weekend.

in the way The second phase The from 6 There was more at stake than 47 million pesos. The numbers are out 19, 40, 20, 05, 35, 29. This time he left the well vacant.

in the way rematch The from 6, More than put into play 30 million pesos The numbers appeared 39, 23, 03, 20, 36 and 15. at this opportunity, There were no winners and the grand prize will expire at the end of the week.

in the clouds for always working The from 6, The well reached more than 13 million pesos. The numbers are out 02, 25, 35, 01, 39, 42. There were 9 winners who each received more than one and a half million pesos.

next lottery from 6 will play Prizes worth over 130 million pesos in search of winners who can change their lives.

Queenie lottery 6

-> Quini 6 results on Sunday

This Sunday, February 27, 2022 draw for Quini 6 in its 2936th edition, Putting more than 370 million pesos on the line, with more than 1.5 million bets All over the national territory in search of winners with the six successes that became millionaires.

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In the clouds traditional kenyan 6There were more than 47 million pesos at stake. The numbers are out 43, 12, 31, 38, 07, 23. This time he left the well vacant.

in the way The second round of Quini 6 There was a well at stake with more than 48 million pesos. The numbers are out 41, 07, 29, 21, 26, 27 This time he left the well vacant.

in the way Quini’s revenge 6Over 158 million pesos turned in and numbers come in 01, 04, 02, 08, 20, 19. On this occasion, there was a winner in the province of Buenos Aires.

in the clouds for Always comes from Quini 6The well reached more than 19 million pesos. The numbers are out 02, 40, 22, 38, 04, 06. There were 37 winners, each receiving more than 538,000 pesos.

Queenie lottery 6

from 6.

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