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Of all the symbolism we'll see this weekend, when Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee is celebrated, there will be one piece that will stand out from the rest: the Queen's golden carriage.

The car will be the centerpiece of the parade, which will travel the same route it took when she was crowned, from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace.

The 250-year-old carriage weighs four tons and serves as a reminder of the past wealth and glory of former British rule in other oceans and continents.

The Queen traveled in it to her coronation and in processions for her silver and golden jubilee.

But this year it will be empty. Isabel (96 years old) will miss the tour on Friday. The royal family said they felt uncomfortable after watching a parade in her honor from Buckingham Palace on Thursday.

Given this, the only reason to admire the carriage, which moves pulled by eight Windsor Grey's horses, is for its exquisite carving and images of his coronation that will be displayed in the windows.

There are those who claim that although a change in the throne is not expected soon, the jubilee activities are a sign that the transition has begun with the heir, Prince Charles, having publicly replaced the Queen on several engagements.

The difference with the previous jubilee

Unlike this year, where the Queen was rarely seen at her anniversary activities, in 1977, the year of her Silver Jubilee, she visited 36 different counties in the UK, as well as nine Commonwealth countries.

A quarter of a century later, the national and international tours celebrated their golden anniversary. A decade later, in 2012, international travel was left in the hands of other members of the royal family, while the Queen toured the United Kingdom.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh during the Royal Parade in 1977. Getty Images Image: BBC World

This year is very different. Everything the palace says confirms it Johnny DiamondThe BBC's royal correspondent says that the Queen “hopes” to attend the various ceremonies and celebrations held in her honor.

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The mobility problems she now suffers from after a long life of activity have made her refuse to participate in most events. She has barely been seen in public over the past six months.

The beginning of the transformation

Diamond continues: When the Queen is seen throughout this jubilee, it will mostly be on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

But his absence will not be the only one noticeable. her husband, Prince PhilipWhom she secretly supported during her rule, died last year. This is the first major royal ceremony that he will not attend.

he Prince AndrewFor his part, he will not appear with his mother either because he is estranged from the royal family due to his connections to Jeffrey Epstein, the deceased millionaire accused of sexual exploitation in the United States.

And it will not be seen Prince Harrywho dramatically left for the United States with his wife Meghan MarkleWhen they decided to leave the royal family.

Instead, his son and heir will be front and center.

The Platinum Jubilee will be the first major royal event that Prince Philip will not attend. Getty Images Image: BBC World

he Prince Carlos The senior royal was in London for Sunday's Remembrance Service, the day the UK honors its citizens who have fallen in military conflicts and is celebrated in November.

His eldest son also led the Royal Holy Service in April, one of the oldest religious ceremonies of the British royal family, during which the king usually gives money to those in need.

It was Prince Charles who read the Queen's speech at the opening of Parliament earlier this month.

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In the past six months, Three of the great celebrations of the monarchy -Military, religious and constitutional- were Chaired by the Prince of Wales.

“In the most British way possible, unspoken, unwritten, unspoken, the transition has begun,” Dymond asserts.

The Queen was represented by Prince Charles during the opening of Parliament. WPA pool Image: BBC World


The Silver Jubilee of 1977 was an opportunity to pause, with so much to come, to look back and forward. The golden jubilee of 2002 was a reset after a decade of scandals, divorces and mistakes.

In 2012, the Diamond Jubilee was a reaffirmation of the Queen's place in the nation's sensibilities.

“This Platinum Jubilee will be different. Because this is a farewell,” says Diamond.

The journalist said: It is not the queen herself, adding that according to experts, she is “in good health,” although she suffers from movement problems. There will be no change in it as sovereignty.

He adds: “But this weekend is a farewell to seven decades of public service, for his presence at official events that affect the public sphere every year.”

Diamond realizes that his return to the state ceremonies seems unlikely. Isabelle sees herself increasingly closer to her personal emotions than in her public events.

An era is coming to an end. On this jubilee, the nation has the opportunity to mark it with celebration and gratitude. (And the)

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