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Shawn Mendes is one of the most successful artists today, but, like any human person, he also lives moments where he wishes the earth could swallow him up. One of them went with the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom Celebrating his 92nd birthday. The singer revealed that the ten minutes he spent with the king were the most stressful of his life.

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Queen Elizabeth II turns 92 and to celebrate celebrate It featured several artists, including Canadian Shawn Mendes. How did the artist experience that moment of translation for the King of England? Well, he said, with a lot of tension.

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is an inexhaustible source of tales. (Photo: AFP)

Shaw Mendes story

“I was backstage before I went up on stage…The Queen came up to me, and stood near me, and just stared at her, But I couldn’t say anything. He said in one, “You can’t talk to her unless you do it first With the famous American broadcaster Ellen DeGeneres.

“And therefore Ten minutes of awkward silence passed Between me and the queen. He didn’t look at me at all. But I looked at it a few times, even though I thought I shouldn’t. It was very strange.”

“Anyway, that’s what he does every year, so he might have thought, well, again. I don’t even know this kidShawn Mendes admitted. In addition to this cute anecdote, the interpreter also explained that he would have loved to meet Enrique and Megan, but his nerves also prevented him.

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Shawn thought of greeting Megan Sorry they are both Canadian But the moment he had the chance he panicked and couldn’t speak to her.

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