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British Army General Alistair Bruce is one of the Queen’s most trusted lieutenants Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Bruce is a descendant of Robert I of Scotland, a Scottish freedom fighter, with strong ties to the British royal family. He was responsible for one of the most famous portraits of Her Majesty.

more | He did not belong to the British royal family, but he was the only one who could call Queen Elizabeth II by her name

These relationships, along with his confident demeanor and loyal service, made him one of the few people the Queen confides in. So much so that the historian and footnote I convinced her to pose For an amazing picture that has since earned its place in the history books.

Famous portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

Stand on a Scottish swamp for your book kingdom guardsQueen Elizabeth II was the main hero. The iconic image, taken by photographer Julian Calder, showed Her Majesty In all emblems of the Scottish Thistlecrown and everything, near Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

But the now famous photo may not have happened at all due to bad weather. On the morning of the photo session, buckets rained. Showing the monarch three possible places of fire and settling in the picturesque swampy lands, Bruce told her that the rain would stop in time.

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‘She said, ‘I thought we’d do it in the garden, but I’ll see how I feel after lunch. “Bruce said . As the day progresses, clear the clouds Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom agreed to pose in the photo.

At the beginning of the filming, Calder came forward, bent down, and asked: “May I take command, Your Majesty?”. I agreed, and when the pictures were over, he quit his “driving”. “I really appreciated it,” Bruce recalls.

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and General Alistair Bruce of the British Army. (Photo: AFP)

They also had some unexpected guests. When they stopped at the shooting site, they saw a family walking nearby. “There was the Queen dressed like that in the front seat of a Land Rover.”Bruce remembers. “They were fascinated because in the middle of that barren land nothing usually happens.”.

“The Queen said something like, ‘They must think I’m going to dinner.’ And I said, ‘Maybe they think you dress like that for dinner every day!”Bruce explained.

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