Quebec leader and the embargo on Puigdemont: “Canada, Spain’s partner”

Support among freelancers. The leader of the Quebec bloc, Yves-F. Blanchett, showed his disapproval of Carles Puigdemont banned from entering Canada, approved by a court this Wednesday, and established a parallel to the history of the independence movement in Quebec.

Perplexed Blanchett criticized the recent decision of justice and asserted that “The desire to criminalize the peaceful referendum A consultant on the right to self-determination for Catalans is as if we said in Quebec that René Levesque should have been imprisoned in 1980. “Levesque was the country’s prime minister from 1976-1985 and called the self-determination referendum in 1980.

A court upheld the decision of officials who barred Puigdemont from entering Canada because it was “justified, transparent and understandable”. Officials used an argument Judicial charges Which is distributed to the president in the Spanish state, i.e. “treated as a criminal”.

This is what the Quebec independence leader thinks, who also expressed surprise at the way the Canadian judiciary and public administration dealt with Puigdemont. “As a criminal instead of being greeted like a democratHe said on Twitter.

TUIT Quebec Block Detention Carles Puigdemont

Similarly, Blanchett asserted that the president’s only “crime” was to organize a “referendum on Catalan sovereignty”. And he has become harsh with the state:Canada, Spain’s partner“It’s as if we had imprisoned Rene Levesque. I’m not giving up,” he insisted.

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The independence leader invited Puigdemont again this summer, despite the Canadian authorities’ continued refusal to allow the president into the country. In the face of the ban, Puigdemont has filed an appeal with the Canadian Federal Court to try to get into the country at once. But we can see that things did not go well.

Quebec block, stronger

The Quebec bloc’s complaint cannot remain on paper. Independence formations strengthened recently in Canada, after winning two more seats in the last elections held last week.

In fact, they reaffirmed that they The third force In the House of Commons of the Canadian state. Of the 32 seats they won in 2019, they reached 34 in this latest election. Only liberals Justin Trudeau (158) and conservatives (119) are ahead of the sovereigns.

Main image: Quebec bloc leader, Yves F. Blanchett / Europa Press

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