que? Inflation in the US is almost as high as El Financiero in Mexico

It was 5.4 percent there and 5.8 percent on this side at the end of June. Inflation in the United States does indeed look Mexican and the most interesting lie in the causes, one of which is courting dementia.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard can embrace Argentine President Alberto Fernandez on a daily basis and together seek the Bolivarian intent to unite Latin America in an immigration alliance. But the rare thing is immigration out of love.

Mexicans do not immigrate to South America unless requested by the person who hired them. The truth is that the goal of many is to cross the Rio Grande to the north. On the other hand, Americans approach the well-known definition of insanity usually attributed to Einstein:

“Madness is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for different results.”

Businesswomen and business owners are lamenting the lack of waiters, cooks and drivers, a problem that has already affected inflation, as police officers rush to arrest potential candidates.

An article from the powerful American Chamber of Commerce, signed this month by Thaddeus Swank and available here, warns: “Less than half of small business owners can find workers.” https://bit.ly/2TGoKTP.

As they plead for help there and devour Ebrard Alfagor, Texans have already moved from arrests and incarcerations to arrests and imprisonments of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America.

Politically, officials like Governor Greg Abbott are working to contain thousands of people eager to fill those vacancies.

But the economy does not stop to see the results of the elections. Hotels or restaurants cannot be opened to the maximum or permanently closed, because they cannot find staff. Many Americans would rather stay at home for $300 a week from the government.

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Some fear going out to get infected in a never-ending pandemic. The problem isn’t just for small businesses, and McDonald’s explained yesterday:

He acknowledged that “recruitment remains a challenging environment, not only in the United States, but we also see it in Europe, where it is challenging in part due to some restrictions on the movement of people across borders.” Analysts Chris Kempinski, president of the most famous hamburger restaurant chain.

Businesses raise wages to attract workers, which leads to higher prices for the products or services offered by the companies in which they work.

These cars loaded with money come from loans requested by the US government which since the administration of Donald Trump have distributed more than 2 trillion (trillions) of dollars as benefits for businesses and residents to spend literally.

But something unimaginable has happened: Americans – perhaps the world’s most consumerist population – are saving, and that money is stuck in bank accounts rather than scattered throughout the economy.

This analysis comes from economists at the American Chamber of Commerce.

“There are now more than 2.5 trillion excess savings accumulated in bank accounts since March 2020 waiting for consumers to spend,” said Neil Bradley and Curtis Dubye, lead economic analysts at this consortium of key companies of the world’s largest economy. In an article entitled: We must take seriously the danger of high inflation which hints at a return to a situation similar to what it was in the early 1980s in that country. https://bit.ly/3f5b6kw

There is a potential solution at hand, but yesterday Abbott Texas on behalf of the many who yearn for the Trump era ordered a National Guard intervention to arrest immigrants.

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“To respond to this (immigration) disaster and ensure the rule of law on our southern border, more manpower is needed,” the Republican demanded. We’ll have to see the outcome of this story.

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Yesterday, the Parteaguas column reported that FEMSA’s contribution to Heineken is 8.63%. The Mexican company confirms that the correct figure is 14.8%.

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