Quantic Dream will have real representation of LGBTQIA+ characters and stories in its games

The studio is working on Star Wars Eclipse and has shared their efforts for diversity and inclusion.

The Veteran developers hits like Heavy rain s Detroit: Be HumanAnd QUANTIC DREAMThey got us all in suspense with the new title in their possession: Star Wars Eclipse We moved with him Fantastic trailer Which gave us a narrative game from the famous George Lucas franchise set in the time of the High Republic.

We don’t have a release date for Star Wars Eclipse, but we did know that the studio does In full employment stage Both for this project and for the others he is currently working on. However, the study wanted to highlight efforts to review its practices “to ensure that a culture of study is preserved.” A constructive, safe and respectful environment with everyone“.

Quantic Dream reported on some of the actions they took to get a welcoming and respected studio: “So are we Cooperation with LGBTQIA+ To ensure accurate representation of LGBTQIA+ characters, stories, and themes in our games. The practice and reflection sessions have already begun in the studio.”

A constructive, safe and respectful environment for allThe study also receives support from LGBTQIA+ representatives “to ensure diversity of voices and Actual representation present” in their projects, as well as a plurality of viewpoints that reaches all levels of the studio. Quantic Dream has talent, including its writers, and will continue to hire for Make sure to “reflect the diversity” of the audience. Many of them have been with the company for over a decade and are in various positions and positions of responsibility.

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“We have integrated a DEI leader (Diversity, equality and inclusion), with a budget earmarked for DEI initiatives,” Quantic Dream noted, in addition to noting that for the time being, More than half of the study directors are women, having obtained an equality assessment from the French government showing equal pay and treatment between men and women. “There are internal procedures in place that make it easier for any employee to report workplace issues anonymously through non-executive employees. Staff have different channelsincluding dedicated digital spaces, so that they can express their thoughts and complaints,” participated in the study, which also conducts regular anonymous surveys conducted by outside companies, where workers can express your opinion.

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